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Misc: The Global Blacklisting Agency

                        THE GLOBAL BLACKLISTING AGENCY             
                           HOT FLASH & NICK DILUCCI                

                    This agency is a group of SysOps and CoSysOps who 
          wish to make things better for BBS'es. With the coming of 
          aliases, worms, viri, trojans, ansi codes, obnoxious users, 
          etc., etc., it becomes more difficult to do this. One user 
          may log onto one board, upload a trojan, be deleted, and 
          then do the same on another board. Other users are careless 
          by not disabling call waiting. Others are rude and harass 
          the SysOp and other users. With all these things that can 
          cause damage or harassment shouldn't those other SysOps be 
          warned about these users? That is why we have founded the 
          Global Blacklisting Agency. True, organizations like TUGOS 
          have been around for ages, but at best they only extend 
          across a state. We hope to have the first such organization 
          to extend worldwide.
                    This agency works by the presentation of proof 
          that a certain user is dangerous or harmful in some way to 
          his board and other boards. By presenting the needed trace 
          logs or messages that show what the user has done the user 
          can be blacklisted from other boards. The agency gets a list 
          of users and puts all of it with the evidence in files. 
          These files are distributed elswhere to other boards where 
          the other SysOps will hear of it. They will provide the 
          needed information on users who are possibly obnoxious, 
          harmful, or dangerous.
                    The SysOps who have users they have blacklisted 
          off their BBS, may call the Negative Space BBS(713 498 7550) in 
          Houston, Texas. The SysOp must prove he is a SysOp and must 
          leave evidence on the damage or harassment the user has 
          done. Once the user is evaluated as a true bad user he and 
          the evidence against him will be added to the GBA Blacklist 
          and the GBA Bad User Files. Our Blacklist will be 
          distributed as widely as possible across all cities, states, 
          and countries. We realize that a user should not be able to 
          ruin one board in Texas and then just call Arkansas and ruin 
          another, and then Australia and ruin yet another! The Sysops 
          of America and elsewhere should be warned of these dangerous 
          and/or obnoxious users. 
                    Obviously, the blacklist does not have to be 
          complied with by Sysops nor are SysOps exempt from the 
          blacklist. This is an agency that will put a user on the 
          list if the evidence dictates. If we find the evidence later 
          falsified the SysOp who gave the false information will be 
          blacklisted and he will go into the files. Sysops who have 
          been blacklisted may not enter anything to our list and 
          files. BBS'es ran by blacklisted Sysops will be listed too, 
          although we know we can't stop anyone from calling them if 
          he or she wants to. We can't force anyone to blacklist any 
          user or abdicate any board. We only give warnings to other 
          users and SysOps that they would not likely want these 
          people on our blacklist on their board. If they wish to keep 
          one or more of the users we blacklisted, so be it. It is 
          their risk and if anything happens we can only say they were 
                   If any SysOp wants to add to our blacklist files of 
          bad users, call Negative Space BBS(713-498-7550) of Houston, 
          Texas and E-mail Shawn Quinn or Nicholas DiLucci. We will
          answer your request and will want to examine the evidence you
          have on the user you wish to add to the blacklist. If we find
          it satisfactory we will add the user to the blacklist files.
          If not, we will E-mail that there isn't enough evidence and that
          we need more to blacklist the user. If needed upload the
          evidence to us personally and we will examine it after we have 
          accepted your request for blacklisting. First, we check for the
          name of the SysOp to see if it is on the blacklist. Every month,
          a list of bad users will be distributed to various BBS'es in
          various areas of the US and elswhere. Eventually, the blacklist
          will be distributed across the US and other countries and the
          bad users will have less access to most BBS'es.
                    Hopefully, this will result in more surviving 
          boards. The BBS'es that would have gone down because of 
          trojans, viri, worms, harassment, and other bad things from 
          bad users would have been reduced. As more boards survive 
          more boards will open. People will start buying computers 
          and not only call boards but set up new ones of their own. 
          This blacklisting will help the BBS cause throughout the 
          world and make it more respectable then the portrayal often 
          given about them being filled with hackers and criminals. 
          Modems and bulletin board systems may someday become as much 
          a part of life as the telephone and we need all the help to 
          get it there intact. The proliferation of bad users 
          everywhere will only keep these bulletin board systems in 
          fewer numbers. Wouldn't that be a shame...?

                        713 498 7550 - Negative Space BBS 
                               SysOps: Shawn Quinn & Nicholas DiLucci

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