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Remote Access: Hacking into Remote Access

                           file created by: Valentino
                           MANIAX DREAM BBS  tm.
                           ONLINE 22.00/7.00

            旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 CONTENTS 읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커
              1. How to obtain a SysOp level at a Remote Acces Board 
              2. How to put your own add in a files list.            
              3. How to download the private files of a bbs.         

 1 납  How to obtain a SysOp Security Level at a Remote Acces Board  

Ya gotta have a number of files to fuck up sucha board.
USERED.EXE  - You can find this file in a Remote Access Package.
BIMODEM.ZIP - The whole complete package of bimodem (installed ofcourse)

That's all! by the way, ya gotta have a REGISTERED version of Bimodem (but ya
can download it anywhere!  also on my BBS (also Remote Acces, try to hack it!)

It's best if you'd stop reading know if you don't have any knowledge about bi-
modem (Its just a waste of time then...)

Ok here we go,

You find yourself a stupid board which has bimodem installed (Make it a new 
bbs, even if the sysop is watching, he won't know what you're doing! (that 
is...if he/she is stupid)
Ok, ya found yourself a board. Go to bed and set your alarmclock to 3.00AM
 At that time the board is not busy and the SysOp is asleep!
Ok, begin transfering with bi-modem, note: ONLY UPLOAD. download is for hacking

Now let's get down to the really fun part!

Make sure the SysOp is not there by pressing CTRL-G a couple of times, if he
doesn't react to the paging then you may begin.
first let me explain something:
Ya gotta find out the Directory in which the RA files are. There are two ways to
do this. The first one is simple but in my case only 3 of the 5 times it worked
(don't ask me why). In the autoexec.bat of the sysop MUST be line which says
the following: SET RA=c:\??\    the ?? stands for the directory.
Now press ALT-A in bimodem. then fill in the following:
c:\autoexec.bat        [enter]

[enter] means ya gotta slam that big fat button with the little arrow.
ok, In Most cases you can assume that autoexec.bat is in the root of c:
the other way of finding out his Remote Access directory is discribed later on.
Ok press ESC in bimodem, you return to the bbs with autoexec downloaded.
Jump to dos and look at the autoexec file. Ok ya know his directory now!!!!

If the autoexec.bat trick did not work then here is another method. Page the
sysop in the bbs and chat with him. Make up a sorry excuse for paging him and
tell him you are planning to set up a Ra board. You tell him that you're
having trouble with the directory's. You wish to know the EXACT directory of 
his board so that you know that nothing can go wrong. Probably the sysop gives 
you his directory's. Here's a hint: TYPE SLOWLY, Most sysops hate that and they
wanna get rid of you as soon as possible, so they give you the directorys very

Okay, hang up the phone and call back the board at about 3.00 AM (when the SysOp
is asleep) start bimodem again en upload something stupid (large so you have
plenty of time to try everything out). Let's assume that the RA directory is:
c:\ra      Okay press ALT-A and type in the following

C:\ra\users.bbs    [ENTER]

It may take a while before it is going to send, just be patient....
Okay, you're now downloading the most important file of a bbs. The file that
contains EVERY bit of info about EVERY User, including the Sysops info!!!!!
So now you know every password of every user!!!
It might take a while to download users.bbs so I advise you to pick out
a bbs which is cheap to call.
Okay after downloading hang up the phone. and go to dos. start up USERED.EXE
if everything goes okay you now see every user. If nothing happens when you
start up USERED.EXE then it might help to put this line in your Autoexec.bat
set RA=c:\??     ?? is the dir where USERED.EXE is.

okay, now let's rock 'n roll!!!
log in at that bbs, that you've hacked, under the SysOp's name, you know the
password so that should not be any problem. Fock around in the board, maybe
somewhere in the board there is an option to go to dos. (it never happened
to me, maybe you have more luck) but......NEVER DELETE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!
THAT'S THE LOWEST THING A MAN CAN DO! Sysop's Have spend hours of work into
their bbs. It's SO low to delete that!
Okay fuck around a bit, and if you're through, then leave a message to the
sysop which says that his board has been cracked.

NOTE: It is very easy for a sysop to prevent the way discribed above, but not
many SysOps know that. If you're one of those SysOps and you wanna know that
way then give Maniax Dream a call (02979-88168 22.00/7.00). Page the SysOp
and he'll explain it to ya.

NOTE: I Tried this method at 4 bbs'es. it worked three times.
      See if you succesfull!

 2 납 How to put your own add in a Files list of a Remote Acces Board 

Okay, first this: I thought of this method a while ago. I havent tried it
YET, but I'm for 99% convinced that this method works.

You can only do this trick in the files list of the upload area. If you know
the exact directory's then you can edit any other files lists.
The name of the file where all those discriptions and filenames are in is:
FILES.BBS     Download this file with any protocol EXCEPT bi-modem. With
bi-modem you get all the files.bbs'es.
NOTE: when Remote acces ask for the filename to download just type: FILES.BBS
that's all.
Okay, hang up the phone and grab your favourite ascii editor. DO NOT CHANGE THE
TEXT THAT IS ALREADY THERE!!, just go to the bottom of the file and add anything
you want!. The only thing you have to do is begin every line with a "-"

RISK.ZIP      een leuk spelletje                    } This was already there
HALLO.ARJ     hallo!                                } '     '    '       '
PTT.ZIP       Gratis post versturen                 } '     '    '       '
OV.ZIP        Gratis reizen met openbaar vervoer    } '     '    '       '
- hey you guys!!!!! ever heard of MANIAX DREAM BBS? } This, you have added
- It's the best ever! Lotsa games available!!!      } '      '    '    '
- Well, donno anything more to type right now       } '      '    '    '
- just wanna say that ya gotta read the file        } '      '    '    '
- FUCKUP.ARJ , real neat!!                          } '      '    '    '

Okay, upload the file FILES.BBS with bi-modem, first bimodem verifys and
then it says : " Switched to Replace" or something simular.

Okay when finished, look at the files list of the upload area and there you
see the text you have typed.
Whas that Simple or what!!!

Okay, I hope this method works, LET ME KNOW!!!

旼컴 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커
 3   How to download the private files.   
읕컴 읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸

This one is SO simple, even my little brother could do it (and he's stupid)

When you have uploaded and you must give a discription of the file, it says
that if you begin the description with "\" it is for sysop only.
This way you don't see the filename in the files list.

Okay look at the files list. Then press D for download, choose Zmodem.
When Remote acces asks for the name of the file(s) you wish to download, you
type "*.*" then you see all the files which are in the upload directory.
Including the files which did not appear in the files list!

Ok, simple huh?!?!?

This file was made by Valentino, SysOp of Maniax Dream.

ONLINE: 22.00/7.00
NUMBER: 02979-88168

NOTE: I'm going 24Hrs online in June 1991, so look the number up in the BBSLIST
      if you're reading this file after June 1991.

Do you also know some nice ways? then contact me and receive a high level!

               THAT'S ALL, FOLKS! (where did I heard that before?)

ps- This file may NOT be changed in any way! only the Archive method may differ


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