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RBBS: Yet another file on how to hack RBBS

  ASS '94 - Anarchy/Cracking/Graphics/Hacking/Phreaking/Virus Development

                      How To Hack Renegade BBS Systems
                              by DysPhunXioN of ASS

This is the first in a line of anarchy/hacking/phreaking text philes... Brought
                   to you by ASS... Aryan Sekret Service...

This file was written by DysPhunXioN.

Renegade is one of the more common bbs systems being used. Being a hack itself,
of Telegard, one can easily guess that there's a bug in it somewhere. A bug?
That's too small a word. This has missed all of our attention... Now you will
know... You can grab all the renegade data files, user data files, and the chat

What You Need:      A Renegade Mock Setup (If you wish to see the files good
                    A Renegade BBS To Hack (They must have the archive menu)

1) Dial your target Renegade BBS...

2) Logon.. I advise using a fake account and deleting the logs when you're done.

3) After you logon, make sure the sysop is not around. Check the messages, play
   some door games to make it look normal. Page the sysop to see if he's around.
   Note that this hack is done better at night, when the sysop is asleep.

4) When ready, goto the file menu.

5) In the file menu there is an option called "/A". This is the archive menu.
   This is where you will do your work on compressed files.. this is also where
   you will do your hacking.

6) From the archive menu, select "W", to work on a file.

7) Enter the name of the archive you wish to work on. (This can be any name,
   followed by the extension of the file. ".ZIP" is the best, and most systems
   support it. What you will be doing is adding the data files to a .zip file
   for later download.

8) Now you have to add files. You hit "A" to do this. When it prompts you for
   files, type "../../u*.dat". Next type "../../r*.dat". Finally type

9) Now you have the data files and chat logs in the archive... You may now
   download the file which you have created...

10) Now here's how to view it. Set up a mock Renegade BBS.

11) Copy the renegade.dat to your main renegade directory and copy the user
    files to x:\renegade\data\, or whatever your renegade data directory is.

12) Start renegade using RENEGADE /L .. this loads it in local mode..

13) Goto the user setup and start writing down passwords... System
    passwords are found in the system config section... (So you can logon
    as the sysop--Note that to do so you will need his/her phone number,
    password, and the system password. You can look at the RENEGADE.DAT
    file with a lister and find parts of passwords as well.)

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