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Telegard: How to Hack Into a Telegard Board

| How to hack into a Telegard board     |
| By : Caramon Majere                   |

Got low access? Hate that stupid SysOp? Want some new warez? THIS IS HOW!
Hey, look, Telegard, great BBS software, everyone loves it, and it even
has three ways to prevent leeching, one, Upload/Download ratio,
Percentage ratio, and File points.  Well, I don't know how to avoid any
of those, just don't be a leech.  But, you do want to get into that
semi-private SysOp stuff, right?  This file will teach you how, and you
won't get caught, well, unless the sysop watches you.  Now, beware
Telegard sysops, you might want to switch software after reading this.
There is always a SysOp d irectory, directory 0.  That is where all the
files that you upload with a \ in front of the description.  The
advantage into getting to this stuff is that the sysop may not want to
put it up for all the leeches to get, but, you still want it.  Okay,
now, have at least 10 or 20 file points, if you plan to do a lot of
stealing.  Now, from any directory in the file menu, type U for Upload.
Now, it will ask for the file name, type "X.ZIP".  Now, it will ask for
a description, type \a , then it will ask for a v erbose description,
answer no.  Now, protocol menu, after this, type q for quit (abort)
upload.  Bingo!  Right into the SysOp directory.  This may not always
work, unless Telegard is modified, which I have heard is a bitch.  If
you find anything good, leave me E-Mail on whatever board I am on, I am
always glad to hear about those files you stole.  Oh, and, one you get
into the sysop directory, be choosy, there is no rush on what you need
to download..

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