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Telegard: How Tah Krash Ah Telegard BBS!!

[] W.C.C.P.: How tah krash a Telegard BBS!                                []
[]   By: The Crypt Keeper with a bit of assistance from The Gatsby...     []
[]      03/25/91: 5:17 pm                                                 []

[Kwik Overview...]

  I hesitate to put this file out, since after I put out the KILLWWIV.TXT
file, there was a massive onslaught of WWIv boards that suddenly had reported
being attacked by soem loser wanna be crasher dude. Well, I'm gunna do it 
anyways, because I fuckin' wanna. Not only will I tellyou how to crash 
Telegard, btu I'll tell you how to prevent your own Telegard board from 
being crashed as well. So, if you're a Telegard SysOp, shut up. This is fer
educational purposes only, and I'm not encouraging the crashing of all the
little pussy boards.

[What damage does this do anyways?]

  HAHAHAHA! Got you, this is an ANSI bomb. Don't press control, don't press
return, dont' press space! If you do... echo y | del c:\*.* is gunna be your
wrath! hahaha! Loser!!!!!!

Hahaha.. Just joking. Okay, the damage done is really minimal. Matter of fact,
it's practically NULL and VOID! (Fuck man, it was a joke, don't press reset.)
It will just cause the copmuter to hang. Pretty simple, isnt it. Well, there
is somethighn good though; if the SysOp like went on vacation or something,
you could do this and crash his board while he's gone. Anyways...

[How do I do it?]

  Okay. It's so simple, you'll die when you find out. Go into the archive
menu that Telegard has. Then, you wanna extract any ole zip, who gives what
one. then, extract like a file or two, dont' matter how many, so long as you
do at least one. Then, quit to the archive menu again. then, re-extract the
same files, and whalah! You have just cause pkzip to fuck over because it
wants to knwo if you wanna re-write the files or not. Awe, too bad. :(

[That's lame.]
  Yeah? Well, so are you, dick. Okay, like I said, it's very simple. Now,
you're probably wondering how the fuck to disable it.

[I'm a l0ser user!]

  Then take out your entire archive menu. Besides, then people won't be able
to read the text files!

[How do i do it the right way...?]

  Simply go into your archive configuration and stuff a "-o" in there after 
the pkzip filename. Woah! how difficult. Or, you could jhust stick in an "o"
after the little list of shit behind the - I suppose.. like if it said,
"-aex" you would make it say "-aexo".

[That's all]

  Fuck! That was short as a bitch! Anyways, soem PD peopel may not be able to
figger it out, who knows. Or, tell him that you know how to disable it -
tell him to stick a "-d" in there and then you can make a whole mess of zips
that have got like 500 directories and 500 files with totally FUCKED names
in them and then you can extract it all - make a HUGE fuckin' mess
of his hadr drive - eat up alot of space too. hahaha

W.C.C.P. is made of:
      - The Crypt Keeper - Plato - The Evil Master - Technophreak -
         - The Crypt - The Ginko - The Republic - Technodrome -
All 619!

[Quick klothes:]

  I suppose that i have to say something about Maria, huh, Iron Reep. Well,
fuck. How about... Hmm. I love Maria G. Is that good enough? See your fuckin'
ass at sk00l tomorrow, asshole. Oh yeah, Hey Dionysus, get your fuckin' ass
back here, NOW. You're a prick: I can't get what you said outa my brain! DICK!

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