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Misc: How to KILL a warez board

=============================================================[ 12 July 92 ]====

                Kill those K-RaDiCaL K00l KiD wArEz b0aRdS!

A mind is a terrible thing to waste!  Sick of seing a shitload of
these wonderful board pop up?  Yeh, you probably are.  Well there is a
radical solution to it.  And of course, it's legal, since YOU are on
the right side (for once!  :-) ).  The guys running those shits are 
the ones doing something wrong..  And they'll pay for it.

The solution is extremely simple.

Here's the step-by-step way to kill 'em..

(1) Call up the system, pretend to be one of them (e.g act like a Total
~~~ looser with a Californian Attitude), and bullshit em, let them think
    you are a great spreader (YEAH! K00L!) or just a very good elite d00d.
(2) So you should now have a valid account... Valid in the sense that it can
~~~ access the wArEzzzzzzZzz Zzzzone. Got it? Fine, They are NUKED!
(3) Call up 1-800-388-PIR8 (works for the states and for Canada).
~~~ It's the Software Publisher Anti-Piracy HotLine. Press 1 to report
    a pirate board. They will ask for the account to use to check out
    the board.. They will probably ask for your real name and phone number.
    Leave your real info, it's safe, they won't ask ANYTHING about you.
(4) That's it. The Lame Pirate board will go down in the next 1-2 weeks!    

RADICAL! And works perfectly. Use it, Abuse it, it's a fucken legal (of course)
Keep in mind that you will never kill every lame boards around, but it still
feels good killing one of these suckers.

Have Phun!..                     ------#  The SPIRIT  #-------
                                 #######  CyberDream  ########

Greetings to all my phriends/contacts all around the world.

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