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Misc PC: Legions of Lucifer: Emulex/2, Forum, WWIV and Telegard Crashing



  Carding    Phreaking    Hacking    Phraud    Viruses  Written by: Tri
pin Face, Izzy Stradlin', Capt. Swashbuckler Date: 01/15/90Edited by : Captain Swashbuckleregions f ucifer -/- Phone Hackers Uni
ted Crash Kill, Inc.Text # 14Part 1 out of ?ͻ        Hacking 
& Crashing: Emulex/2, Forum Hacks, WWiV, and Telegard        ͼ

Legions of Lucifer ('ljen ov lcifr) n. 1. Any multitude of followers
 of the chief evil spirit, Satan.  2. A group of Anarchists and Computer
 Experts that work together as one to cause havok in the anarchy bound
 society of this nation.

PHUCK : Phone Hackers United Crash Kill

Legions of Lucifer merged with PHUCK, INC on January 15, 1991 at 11:41pm PST!
We are now:    L.o.L/PHUCK


Oh, By the way.  Do NOT pass this file around. We do NOT want to see it spread
around!!!  If we feel this file is not getting abused, we *WILL* move onto
bigger and better systems!  These include: Silicosis, Emulex/2, LSD, Havok,
Aftershock, Celerity (Yes, we have our ways with Celerity.)  So don't abuse
this file.  It all depends on you, the user.

Table of Contents:

Section I : Crashing Emulex/2 & Forum Hacks
    a: Emulex/2
    b: Forum Hacks
Section II: Crashing WWIV & Telegard
    a: WWIV
    b: Telegard

Section I :  Emulex/2 & Forum Clones
Written By:  Tripin Face
Editied By:  Captain Swashbuckler

Section Ia: Emulex/2

We'll start with one of the most known BBS softwares. Emulex/2. As you
all know, I, Tripin Face, stole the source code of Emulex/2 last year from
one of the programmers. Broke into his house and grabbed a few diskettes and
it just so happens that one of the disks contained the source code to

Here are a few ways to access into Emulex/2 (or any Forum Clone for that
matter.. a list of Forum Clones will be shown later.)

When you get connected at the Matrix Menu, hack User ID #1. Of course,
its the Sysop Account. Always try the Password "Sysop", some Sysops are SOO
lame, you wouldn't believe it. If that doesnt work, try anything that goes
with the Sysop's handle... But for the really stupid Sysops, the best way,
is to get one of his Passwords from another board and try that. Some assholes
might use the same Password. Also, if you dont hack the correct password,
dont hang up, wait for it to hang you up. Sometimes the board hangup strings
gets fucked and it doesnt get rid of you, but lets you on the board with the
account of the user you attempted to hack!

Ok, lets say you have a Sysop account. now, the best thing to do is get a
file on the board called "USERS.   "  Now, with Emulex/2, thanks to me,
you can't add users, so what you have to do is user edit each user by hand,
and the view their passwords and make sure you capture all of it.

Now, lets get to the crashing part. Hehehehe. Open a door,("P" from the
Main Menu and then "%" for Sysop Commands) and put any file for it, the
board will create any file you ask it to make. Now in the door batch file,
you must have the following commands:

  Ctty comX

Now, comX, is the com port the bbs is set at. Now, if you know the sysop is
using com2, then put com2. DUH!!!. (Replace the "X" with the Com Port #)

Now this door should let you go to their DOS, and the rest is easy.
FORMAT ME PLEASE!. Or, run a virus or a trojan.. Shit even a baby can do

If you can get an account, but has no Sysop access. you can do many things.
An easy way is upload a file called "USERS.   " with the following DSZ
          DSZ sz -fs \<dir>\<filename>
make sure you are in the DIR you want to upload to. What this does is upload
a file anywhere on the HD you want. Now, before you do this you must edit the
users file and change the sysops password to anything you want and then you
can enter it and get on as him! This way, you can crash the board but you
dont need to get all the users passwords. Also, a way to do this and get all
the users passwords is get the BBS software's config, and the change the
co-sysop level to like Level 1 or something and then you can call with your
account and have sysop access. I found that the best way to crash a board...

Now, with old Emulex/2 there was a command for Net-Mail which was ..
Shift 1 thru shift 0 ..like this -> !@#$%^&*() ..and with this comamnd, the
board will recieve any file. So you can use the DSZ shit on it. Works good,
but with the new Emulex/2 you set the Net-Mail command from the config. Right
now, in the new Emulex/2 there are only a few backdoors. Sam Brown didnt want
to add any more. Why, I dont fuckin know.


I think Emulex/2 has a upload a message command, you can also use the DSZ
command with that too. I am not sure though.. A good way to hang a Emulex/2
board is go to the Database Area, if there isnt one, keep on hiting "D",
after a few times the board will get fucked, you wont be able to tell unless
you go the file area, and it will say something like I/O errors, etc... then
upload and upload, and in the middle of the third or fourth upload hang up.
turn off the modem or pull the foneline out of the wall, so it will hang on
in the middle of the transfer. Another way to hang Emulex/2 is by doing this:
post a message, and then edit a line, and insert a new line, but keep on
hitting anything until it gets to the last line. Then hang up, or try to save.
It should of hung, to make sure the hanging was cool, call the board back and
shit.. duh.... Shit, well I gotta eat, and get ready to go out and get stoned.
let me know how it worked out, and if you need more info, call me at my board
The Magical Mystery Board or H.M.S. Queen Mary's Revenge.

Section Ib: Forum Clones

Now lets get to other software...

Well, all FORUM CLONES are the same.. so all commands for Em/2 should and will
work for all the of the following BBS Softwares:

FCP all version
TCS 1 and 2
Forum Plus
Ghost Ship/2

Thats good for now..  you can reach me on the 2 HQs for L.o.L/PHUCK

H.M.S Queen Mary's Revenge   L.o.L/PHUCK HQ#1  SysOp: Cap'n Swashbuckler
The Magical Mystery Board    L.o.L/PHUCK HQ#2  SysOp: Tripin Face

I aint stupid enuff to put the #'s.. hehehehe

Send me hits in the mail..


-Tripin Face


Section II:  WWiV & Telegard
Written By:  Izzy Stradlin' &  Captain Swashbuckler
Edited  By:  Captain Swashbuckler

Section IIa:  WWIV BBS's

Authors Announcements
This file is for entertainment uses only. Use this file at your own risk.
We here at .. take ABSOLUTELY no responsibility of what is contained in
this file. What is contained in this file is some information, leading to
the insecurity of some of the most popular BBS systems around, and ways to
avoid the risk of being caught with this.

Hacking BBS Software (WWIV)

        As I write this, I am going to refer to everything in the present
        tense, and I am going to assume  that you know nothing  about the
        BBS  software WWIV,  The  Utilities,  etc.,  so I am  going to be
        putting info on how to use those as well as everything else.   So
        basically I will make it sound like you're a beginner.

1) Hacking into WWIV - The Utilities Needed.

        Zmodem (Or Any Other Protocol)
        An Account at the WWIV BBS you wish to Crash.
        A Terminal Program

2) Hacking into WWIV - First Steps

        First of all, you might want to make a seperate directory for all of
these files you're about to make.   Although there won't be that many total,
It might still be a  good idea.  But if you're like  normal people  (Messy),
like me, just put it wherever.

        Ok, Here's what you do.  Make a text file called PKUNZIP.BAT from
your DOS, and put the line: command in it.  This is done like this:
C:\HACKBBS> copy con pkunzip.bat
^Z  (Press Ctrl-Z, Then Enter, and the file will save)

        Second, go ahead and zip the file.  Make it any filename you want
as long as it's  not something too obvious  (like TEMP.ZIP).  You can zip
up the file with PKZIP.EXE.  This is done like this:
PKZIP [zipfile] [pathname\filename.ext]
- or in other words:
PKZIP temp.zip pkunzip.bat

       This will make a file called TEMP.ZIP with the file pkunzip.bat in
it.  Go ahead  and delete  pkunzip.bat now,  you won't  need it  anymore.
Now you've got the file temp.zip  (or Whatever you called it).  Go  ahead
and logon to your favorite WWIV BBS.

Hacking into WWIV - The Way To Do It.

        Go ahead and logon with your  name and password,  etc.  Go to the
File section, and upload your file to any directory.  Now there is a temp
file there.  hit 'E' from the Transfer Menu in the current firectory that
temp.zip is it, and when it asks what file to extract,  enter temp.zip as
the filename.  You'll get something to the effect of:
        Extract which file?  (?=list, *=All files):
Hit '*'.  What this just did is make a pkunzip in the current working DOS
directory.  You'll be at the:
        Extract which file?  (?=list, *=All Files):
Hot the asterix (*) again.

        Congradulations!  You made it into the Sysops DOS!   (If not, the
sysop is smarter than you think, and he's protected himself against  some
little hackers like yourself!)  Not much you can do if you didn't make it

Hacking into WWIV - What to do while in DOS.

   You'll be in the path of \WWIV\TEMP>, Immediately type this in:
   C:\WWIV\TEMP> cd ..\gfiles
   C:\WWIV\GFILES> del *.log       - This deletes the log of what ya did.
   C:\WWIV\GFILES> del laston.txt  - this deletes the list of users who
                                          were on today.
        Now, you're into his/her DOS.  Since dos interrupts are currently
ON, You can  type anything  anywhere.  You can type del *.*  and get  the
Are you sure? (Y/N) sign, and from there, you CAN hit 'Y'.  Or you can do
it the other way,  and just type echo  y|del *.*.  From here  you got his
userlist and some other fun stuff, which is located in C:\WWIV\DATA.  You
can go there by typing cd..\data.  once there, do this:
C:\WWIV\DATA> type user.lst   and you'll find the Sysops Phone Number and
password right  next to each other.   Write those down.  Next,  type cd..
and you'll be in C:\WWIV>.  From there, type the file status.dat, and the
first legible text you can  find will be the  System Password,  so if you
just want to scare the living hell out of him,  just type exit from there
and you'll come back to the BBS, with the Sysops Name, Pass, Phone Number
and System Password.  You can  now logon under the  Sysop and do  all the
cool stuff like go into UEDIT and give yourself like 254sl and DSL,  etc.

Hacking into WWIV - Alternatives

-       Instead of the PKUNZIP.BAT  file in the TEMP.ZIP  file,  go ahead
and put your favorite  Virus/Trojan in  there, and follow  the same exact
steps, except this time skip the DOS part.  The Virus should  spread from
there, and a trojan will work immediately.


- Hanging WWIV - The easiest thing to do in the world.

        Just make a plain and simple text file, and in it include an ANSI
code.  Not just any ANSI Code, it's gotta be an ANSI  Code that is not  a
real part of ANSI.  For example,  (ESCAPE CODE)[349857m or something like
that,  anyways.  Then just  //UPLOAD  it to a message base,  and read it.
When WWIV Doesn't intercept the correct ANSI Codes,  it doesn't know what
to do,  so it'll just hang itself there  'till the Syustem Operator comes
and resets the flippin' computer.  Hang up from there, and well, it'll be

Section IIb: Telegard BBSes

        Allright, Swabbies.  Here's a way to hack into Telegard (One of the
easiest to hack into - Next to WWIV).  There's a catch to this system, tho.
There's got to be an  Archive Menu from the  File Area.  Most  new Telegard
systems will have one, it comes stock into it.  But the Sysop (Probably not
if the Sysop is a new Sysop)  may take it out.  So, if he's got it,  you're
in luck.  It's basically  the same idea,  Just follow these rules and other
guidelines, etc., and you'll soon become a better crasher than you know ...

- Hacking into Telegard's DOS - Things Needed

        Latest PkZip Utilities (c) PKWare
        Terminal, Modem, Computer, etc.
        A little knowledge of the use of DOS,
        And a text file like this.

- Hacking into Telegard's DOS - Steps

        1) Logging on.
        2) Finding your way.
        3) Uploading/Extracting the File
        4) What to do while in DOS.

        - First  of all,  You've got to  establish an account  with the so-
          called  'friendly BBS'  that you want  to crash.  It's probably a
          good idea to logon with a fake account,  fake information,  etc.,

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