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MajorBBS: Possible dialout hack for MajorBBS

Newsgroups: alt.2600
Subject: Major BBS Backdoor FOUND!??
Date: Tue May 16 21:54:55 1995

ok, first of all this hack isn't JUST for MajorBBS, It will most likly
work on ANY BBS that will allow you to DIAL out to other local systems to
that board... NOT TELNET but actually dialing... This is what I found,
When you select the dial command if you type "+++" during the dialing
sequnce it reset's the modems.. I have found that this works MUCH better
and easier if the # that you are try to call is busy so that it repeats
the dialing sequence and you have more chances... But I think you need a
special command to init the modem on the other end.. I haven't figured out
any commands that will allow me to dial but the idea of this i think have
potential.  If there are anywaz to improve this idea or finding a init to
initalize the modem on the other either post back or e-mail me at
jsanderson@shell.monmouth.com.  Maybe this is just something fucked up
with the boards I've tried it one but now you can try and see if you have
any luck....

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