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Renegade: MCI Code Phun

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			      MCi Code Fun
			      by KiD Fury

This is a decided to write about because it is senseless and almost harmless.

   MCi codes are for BBS that will display some of the current users stats.
They only are displayed for that user on the line. I have noticed that there
are some people in the BBS land that fall for these. Find a list of codes for
the BBS software you are using and try them out. I found a MCi file that was in
a zip file. It was the FILE_ID.DIZ. It read:

Attention ALL:
%UN is ratting to the feds.
ALL ELITE BBS's are coming down.
call him at %PN at bitch him out.
Gay bash him. He is a pig.

%UN = Users Name
%PN = Users Phone Number

This was for Renegade. It was funny to see a bunch of people send the person 
who uploaded it mail. I laughed. The best part is to post messages and talk 
about gay bashing the person and going on. People get mad. It is a shame. 
people fall for just about anything. What dumbasses. That is all I have to say.
Oh well. Maybe people will catch on. But PD people never learn. Use this on 
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							(c) 1994 Xenocide/SWATT

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