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Info on PC Pursuit


    With PC PURSUIT, you can explore a wealth of free resources and even
    discover more uses for your PC.  In any of the locations accessible to
    PC PURSUIT, you have the ability to:

        * communicate with friends and associates on-line,

        * download and upload public domain software from
          thousands of Bulletin Board Systems in the 34 PC
          PURSUIT cities,

        * research professional projects and personal hobbies
          through free databases, and

        * shop and advertise in electronic catalogs.

    The features and benefits offered by PC PURSUIT SERVICE include:
          Because the service is widely accessible, you can use
          PC PURSUIT at home, at the office, or traveling.

          The service can be accessed from nearly 9000 local
          telephone exchanges via the Sprint network. You can
          dial thousands of free databases at 300, 1200, and 2400
   bps in 34 major cities across the nation, 24 hours a day.

     Convenient Billing:
          All PC PURSUIT service charges are billed directly to
          your VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS account; or 
   automatically debited from your checking account.

     Nonstop Support:
          As with all other Sprint services, The Sprint Network
          reliable data transmission.  Customer Service is available
          to handle problem system problem reports 24 hours a day
          at 1-800-877-5045.


PC Pursuit Rate Schedule
Effective July 1, 1989

Administrative Charges: Registration Fee
                        Payable on a one time basis when US Sprint
                        receives and processes your order.        $30/order
                        Password Change Fee
                        Payable each time a new password is
                        issued.                                   $5/password

Membership Fees:        Regular Membership 
                        Includes up to 30 hours of non-prime time
                        usage.                                    $30/month
                        Family Membership 
                        Includes up to 60 hours of non-prime time 
                        usage.                                   $50/month

                        Includes up to 90 hours of non-prime time
                        usage.                                    $30/month

Access Charges:         Non-Prime Hours  
                        Usage exceeding membership limits.        $3/hour

                        Prime Hours                               $10.50/hour

1)  Non-Prime Time hours are:  6:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M. local time Monday 
through Thursday; 6:00 P.M. Friday to 7:00 A.M. Monday.  All day, New Year's 
Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

2)  Prime Time hours are:  7:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. local time Monday through 

3)  Usage is rounded to the nearest minute for purpose of calculating total 
usage on each connection.  All calls are subject to a minimum call duration 
of two minutes unless they are one minute or less.  Calls of one minute or 
less are not billed.

4)  Any portion of a call to Pursuit during prime time will result in the 
entire session being billed at prime time rates.

5)  Sales tax will be billed as applicable and is not included in the fixed 
monthly fees.

6)  A Regular Membership will allow access for one subscriber at the Regular 
Membership rate using single ID and password.  Family Membership will allow 
one subscriber, or one subscriber and their immediate family members, access 
at the Family Membership rate using a single password and ID. 

7)  Handicapped membership guidelines are posted to the NetExchange Bulletin 
Board System and are available upon request from US Sprint.

8)  All of US Sprint's PC Pursuit charges will be billed the month following 
actual usage.    

9)  There may be charges to you for the use of the online computer systems 
to which you gain access through PC Pursuit.  These charges, if any, will be 
billed to you by those operating the online computer systems and not by US 

                    Equipment and Software Requirements

       To use PC PURSUIT, all you need are --

       - a telephone line
       - a modem - 300, 1200 or 2400 baud compatible.
       - a terminal or a PC with asynchronous communications software

       Communication parameters for your hardware should be set-up
       consistent with the PC or BBS or host computer you wish to dial.

       Most transfer protocols are compatible with PC PURSUIT.
       Across SprintNet's Public Data Network, PC PURSUIT transmits
       data utilizing 8 bit transparency. Due to XMODEM'S use of
       file transfers can take slightly longer. There are
       however, more efficent transfer protocols such as KERMIT,

       You can now dial into SprintNet as 7-E-1 or 8-N-1.  If you dial
       in at 7-E-1, you can switch your parameters to 8-N-1 with
       your software to prepare for a file transfer.  Or, dial
       SprintNet at 8-N-1 to begin with, using these steps --

       1) Dial your SprintNet local access number with your settings
          at 8-N-1.

       2) Enter  (cr) D (cr)

       3) At "Terminal = ", enter  D1 (cr)

       4) proceed with your session....

                       How To Use PC Pursuit Service

    Placing a PC Pursuit Call

      * Use a modem to dial your local SprintNet access telephone
        number with parameters settings of 8-N-1.

      * Type two CARRIAGE RETURNS (CR) D (CR)

      SprintNet Prompt    User Input              Comments

(1)   Terminal =         D1 (CR)                   Input Terminal ID.
                                                   D1 is typical for
                                                   PC's. If not known,
                                                   type CR.

(2)   @                 C D/NYNYO/12,YOUR ID (CR)  Type area code desired,
                                                   modem speed and your
                                                   user ID. (Note that
                                                   /3 = 300 bps, /12 = 1200
         bps, /24 = 2400 bps).

(3)   PASSWORD =         PASSWORD (CR)             Enter user Password

(4)   D/NYNYO/12                                   Connected to target
      CONNECTED                                    city outdial modem.

(5)                      ATZ                       Type ATZ (in upper case)

(6)   OK                                           Modem responds as cleared.

(7)                      ATDT 7654321              Type ATDT (in upper case)
                                                   and the 7-digit number
                                                   you wish to dial.

(8)   CONNECT            (CR) (CR)                 You are now connected to
                                                   the computer that you
                                                   dialed. Procees as if
                                                   the  number was dialed


    1. If the connection was not made, a BUSY will be seen within 30
       seconds. The BUSY message means that the number dialed was either
       busy, not in service, or an invalid attempt to dial more than 7
       digits. A BUSY will also be seen after disconnecting from the
       host computer, but you can dial another number by starting again
       at the fifth step and typing ATZ and dialing the number.

    2. PC Pursuit uses standard HAYES dialing commands, which enable
       you to type the A/ (no CR) command to redial the previously
       dialed number.

    3. When a typing mistake is made in the second and third steps,
       the log-on must be re-entered.

    To Disconnect from PC Pursuit

      SprintNet Prompt     User Input               Comments

                          (CR) @ (CR)              Escape to SprintNet
                                                   command level.

      @                   D (CR)                   At the @ sign,issue
                                                   disconnect command.

      D/NYNYO/12                                   Disconnect from the
      DISCONNECTED                                 target city complete.
                                                   User is still connected
                                                   to SprintNet at the local
                                                   dial-up city. A PC Pursuit
                                                   can now be placed to
                                                   another city.


    1. To DISCONNECT FROM SprintNet, log off your computer as usual, or

                    PC  BUSINESSCALL
     PC BusinessCall is designed for professionals and for small-
to medium-sized businesses that typically spend between 5 to 300
hours per month accessing PCs, bulletin boards or host computers
by dialing long distance.  Using the Sprint Public Data Network
to carry the long distance portion of data calls, PC BusinessCall
saves customers up to 75% off their monthly long distance
     Sprint is offering PC BusinessCall in two pricing packages:
the Initiator Program for intermittent low-volume users, and the
Professional Program, which offers maximum discounts to customers
with consistent monthly usage.  The Professional plan requires a
$95 per month minimum, but this $95 prepays for the user's first
$175 of usage per month.  
     The Initiator plan has a $10./month account fee, plus rates
More [Y]es,N)o,C)ont,A)bort,J)ump! c                                    ranging from $2.95/hr to $7.for basic service.  Rates are
higher for US Outdial (OutWATS) or Dial-in WATS.  For the
Professional plan, the user has no $10./month account fee. 
Instead, a $95./month monthly minimum prepays the user's first
$175. of standard usage (not including US Outdial or In-WATS). 
Professional rates are also lower, ranging from $2.50/hr to
$6.95/hr for basic service.
     $50.00  one-time signup fee
     $10.00  monthly account fee
     7.50/hr  peak time usage
     5.50/hr  prime time usage
     2.95/hr  non-prime usage
    10.00/hr  prime time US Outdial
     6.50/hr  non-prime US Outdial
     7.75/hr  WATS Dial-in surcharge (prime time)
     5.50/hr  WATS Dial-in surcharge (non-prime)
     $50.00  one-time signup fee
     $95.00 monthly minimum
     6.95/hr  peak time usage
     4.95/hr  prime time usage
     2.50/hr  non-prime usage
     9.00/hr  prime time US Outdial
     5.75/hr  non-prime US Outdial
     7.00/hr  WATS Dial-in surcharge (prime time)
     5.00/hr  WATS Dial-in surcharge (non-prime)
     PC BusinessCall uses the Sprint Public Data Network to 
access remote computers equipped with 300 bps, 1200 bps or 
2400 bps auto-answer modems.
     To use this service, a customer has his PC or terminal dial
a local telephone number to connect to the Sprint Public Data
Network.  Local access is provided from more than 18,000 cities
and towns in the United States.  The user enters the destination
city, and then enters a command for dialing the local phone
number of the system he is accessing.  A special outdial modem on
the network then completes the call and connects the user to the
database, remote PC or other information source of his choice.
     At present, PC BusinessCall is available for accessing
systems in the local calling area of 34 major cities in the
continental U.S., with additional expansion planned for 1990.
Access is provided to all other locations in the continental 
U.S. through US Outdial calling.
     Besides calling regional information systems, remote PCs, or
private computer systems, applications of PC BusinessCall include
retail store polling, collecting inventory or sales updates,
customer order delivery, hotel and airline reservation systems,
telex delivery, automated data back-up and recovery services, and
many more.

 Dear PC Pursuit Customers:

 Based on a request for clarification from the Product Management
 message area, please note the following information:

 1.  Each PC Pursuit call (not made to a direct accessible host) 
     will have 60 seconds subtracted from the actual duration of the 
     call.  If the call's actual duration was 90 seconds or less, 
     the call will not be billed or reported.

 2.  After 60 seconds is subtracted, the adjusted call duration will
     be rounded up to the next whole minute.  This means that a call
     of 10.3 minutes will have 1 minute subtracted to offset call
     set up (9.3 minutes) and then will be rounded to 10 minuted for
     purposes of calculating total usage of the connection.

 3.  If, after rounding, the adjusted duration is less than 2
     minutes (the current Sprint call minimum), the adjusted 
     duration will be changed to 2 minutes.
 4.  Calls that begin on the last day of the month and do not 
     terminate until after midnight will be billed in the ending
     month and treated as that month's current usage for purposes
     of computing minimum usage charges.

        If you have any questions, please feel free to call US Sprint   
        at 800-736-1130.

 Thank you.

Dear Customers,

The following addresses the questions and issues raised by a number of you
regarding pricing and some related topics:

1. Pricing for PC Pursuit was devised to distribute the total cost of
   the service across the entire product; therefore, no special pricing
   exists for speed of access, distance of call, or calls made to DAF hosts.

2.  A Regular membership may not be shared with anyone.

3.  Accounting for a call begins with the connection to the city
    outdial modem.  We will not bill for any calls of 1 minute or less 
    (excluding directly accessible hosts) and all calls will have 1 minute 
    subtracted for call set-up.  However, there is a 2 minute minimum so 
    a call of 2 minutes would have 1 minute subtracted for call set-up 
    but be billed at the 2 minute minimum.

4.  Only new customers will be charged the one time registration fee.
    Existing customers switching from one membership to another will
    not be charged another registration fee.

5.  Customers that start or end a call outside of the non-prime time 
    (6:00 p.m. or 7:00 a.m.) will be billed at prime time rates.

6.  Exchanges that are supported as a part of PC Pursuit are listed
    on the Net Exchange.  Some exchanges have been available that
    were not a part of the Net Exchange and Sprint carried the cost
    of those additional exchanges.
7.  Restrictions regarding BBS access are generally done at the
    request of Sprint Network Security or TELCO.  It is not Sprint's
    intent to censor our customers;  however, we do want to protect
    customer ID's and passwords.  If a BBS is posting user ID's
    we will restrict access.  We do not shut down an entire exchange to
    restrict a BBS.

Thank you, PC Pursuit Product Management

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