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Renegade: An old Renegade hack

 From : Digital Grindage
 Subj : Re: Hacking Renegade BBSes...                                           

My favourite hack, albeit very old, was in default Renegade installations,
any user had access to the Archive Menu out of the File menu.  Pressing F /A
/A out of the Main Menu (if the SysOp hadn't changed any menus or disabled
the Archive Menu) got you to the Backup and Restore menu that allowed you to
.ZIP up multiple files in the files area, so instead of downloading 50 small
files, you could .ZIP them all up and download one big .ZIP file.

The problem with this was, Renegade didn't chroot (oh, wait, that's a UNIX
term most BBS hackers won't recognize) the Archive menu so it only had
access to branches out of the Files directory, so you could easily .ZIP up
\RG\DATA\USERS.DAT, or any other file on the system for that matter.

"Your information is mine for free.  But everything I can grab is secret
unless you  have something I want which can't  be free-loaded, stolen or
found somewhere else."        - George C. Smith, The Virus Creation Labs

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