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WWIV: Hack WWIV BBSs [Evil Master]

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                                         >>> By: The Evil Master

                             Copyright (c) 1991, The Evil Master/RRG

*ALL* RRG files are for *INFORMATIONAL* purposes ONLY, and they are not to
be taken lightly.  Though we write about these activities, we by NO MEANS
WHATSOEVER encourage their usage, and they should be for education only.
RRG Writers are *NOT REPONSIBLE* for the actions of the readers.
All situations involving authors are completely hypothetical.

  RRG members include:
 > The Crypt Keeper <     > Fistandantilus    <     > MacGyver        <
 > Exile            <     > Dimension Shifter <     > Live Wire       <
 > The Evil Master  <     > Mythical Engineer <
 Call these RRG boards!
    The Crypt.    (619)/457-1836   
    The Bellyard  (313)/741-4912
    The Maiden Spectrum (619)/566-4165.  (dual)

        Alright, we've all experienced it, the urge! The Urge to just go phuck
        with a board and totally cause some KA0S on it. Well time to go do it,
        cuz here are some great suggestions, and we all know you can do it, even
        the biggest morons in 619 (Flatline? The Jade Dragon?) do it, so ...

Hacking WWIV
        | Part 1. New Account |

        To see step-by-step instructions for one backdoor in WWIV, the
        "pkunzip.bat" backdoor, read the other WWIVHACK file put together by The
        Crypt Keeper and myself.

        Here are other ideas, starting with the matrix.

        I don't recommend you try this on a notable board, because you can be
        sure that your reputation will suffer. Do this on boards where there
        are users who post things like "Macro TEST!!!!"

        Ok, you know you're on a WWIV board when you see the "NN:" but some
        boards are not on the net so this isn't the best way to spot one.
        Whatever the sysop has set up, create a new account. If there is a NuP,
        phuck it, email that sysop on another board and tell him how much of a
        moron he is.

        You must think of an alias. Try something unique but not unrealistic if
        you care to keep the account. "Fuck You" is an infamous user, and
        doesn't last passed a validation. Logon as George Ramos, or Eight Ball,
        the m0rons who are famous for ANSIs, and WWIV mods respectively. You're
        bound to get validated since every lame sysop wants their help!

        Use realistic birthdates, and don't mess up typing it in, the sysop
        could be such a lowlife that he's watching every soul logon his sytem,
        and he may break into chat and say "Duh huh, how come you made a mistake
        spelling Chicago?"

        | Part 2. Auto-Validation! (Optional) |

        If the sysop is one of those dorks who cannot pass the opportunity that
        another WWIVnet sysop call them, you will encounter AutoValidation! All
        you have to do in is say what node you're sysop of and enter the phone
        number; or in some cases, you can just say "Yes, i'm a Sysop!" and bam,
        your access is instantly raised.

        | Part 3. Sending the Validation Feedback |

        If you've followed the instructions verbatim, you're an godlike ANSI
        artist, right? Ok, well, make sure to make that clear in the validation
        feedback. You should still do this, even if yo uwere auto-validated.

        "Title: Your Board"

        "Hi, my name is George, I'm calling your board because one of your users
        requested that I do so. I am willing to do a few ANSIs for your board,
        in return, you could probably help me get my board some users from your
        area. I appreciate your time, and I will send you one of my ansis as
        soon as I am finished, so far, it looks pretty cool, your name is in a
        real cool logo, and the colors are awesome!"

        HA! How could any lame sysop refuse!? It's not like they can afford to
        voice validate you, but why should they doubt your reality?

        | Part 4. Validated Account, let's go! |

        Here are some great things to do. Go through the subs, and post messages
        bassing on Religions, favoring Dan Quayle, promoting abortion and
        describing your girlfriend's last, and telling everyone how stupid the
        sysop is. Email 1@1 about 10 times with worthless shit. I seriously
        believe that Wayne Bell gets like 700 emails a day, and at least 100 of
        them are people like us, wasting his time! HAHAHAHA. Send mails to
        1@'s and send a form letter that says they're a dickless fagget who is
        in lack of a life, tell them that you're a racist white male, and you're
        running for Governor of your state.

        Go to the transfer section, and upload 100 files, each of 2 bytes in
        size, and say they're some rad VGA demos! The sysop will appreciate the
        new uploads. If you can, upload them to different transfer directories.
        Send a file to sysop, and tell him that it's a Trojan that executes
        when you remove it.

        Send a feedback telling the Sysop you know where he lives, and you're
        going to murder his family. Practice some anarchy at his house if you do
        know his info. What the hell, go through the ANSI Art Net Sub and email
        all the artists with mails that say "Your ANSI SUCKED the CUM off my
        DOG's Balls! You pitiful loser, don't you have anything better to do
        than waste disk space across the nation with your Shit ANSI screens?"

        Go through the WWIV Modifications Net, and tell all those idiots who
        write mods for other idiots how lame their mod was. Make sure you know
        C, or else you don't have too much room to bag, but if you do know C
        you will realize how lame the sources are that they pass around.

        Go through the High Speed Modems net, and ask how lame people can be if
        they need a sub to explain something 100 times, just because the
        braindead souls don't understand the concept of CompuComs inability to
        connect v.32's.

        | Part 5. What to say to Wayne Bell |

        Make sure you get Wayne's attention if you want to be phuck the sysop
        over. Post a message that says "Wayne Bell is just a fat ass queer who
        sits on his ass all day fucking his dog." Capture it, go into your text
        editor and change your name to the Sysops name and #1. Send that to
        Wayne, or a few Area Coordinators, especially the AC of the system. Then
        go to the Transfer section, capture a file listing, or download a file,
        and change the filename and description to WWIV420S.ARJ and "WWIV
        v.4.20 Source Code" respectively. Also change the "Times Downloaded" to
        18 or so...Send this to the sysop(s) of a WWIV support board and/or

        | Part 6. Backdoors |

        Alright, after checking out the backdoors listed in many tfiles, and
        experimenting on our own, (I must give some credit to TCK), here are
        some backdoors that work.

        PKUNZIP - If the extractor on the board is active, and it's not WWIV
        4.20 or later, then... Create a ZIP File with a file stored along with
        it's path. The file is a batch file that will run COMMAND when run.
        Make the path really really long like
        \temptemp\temptemp\temptemp\temptemp. Take that ZIP file and load it up
        in a hex editor, you need to change in two places that path. Change it
        to like D:\WWIV\DSZ.BAT. This will cause this batch file to be run the
        next time the board shells out to run DSZ. What does it do? Run COMMAND
        and shell you to DOS. Neato.

        ADD TO TEMPORARY ARCHIVE - Alright, get ready to phreeze the board! Go
        to the Archive menu, usually 'G' in the transfer section, and ADD this
        filename to the archive "COM1", "PRN", "COM2", etc. This will run DSZ to
        zip it up, and it will keep trying, freezing the board, if you send it
        to the com port, i believe it will keep zipping til it gets an EOF; to
        explain how that works.

        PKUNZIP.BAT - Download our other file on this backdoor.

        Unregistered DSZ - If the sysop is an absolute idiot, which he must be
        if he doesn't have a registered DSZ, then you get on his system, upload
        ????????.??? and send up whatever file you want to his WWIV directory.
        Ususally, you wanna send up a program that you wrote in C that does a
        as NETWORK.COM. Call back as !-@NETWORK@-! and the system will execute
        "network", and as we all know, COM is run before EXE so your program
        will shell you to DOS and you can have all the phun you want.  GSZ,
        registered or not functions like it is unregistered DSZ.
        Lastly, send up your favorite Trojan, or Virus, (try Whale!) as some
        program that the sysop would die for, naturally he will run it, and fry

Aztah la vista Baybee.

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