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                                         >>> By: The Evil Master

                             Copyright (c) 1991, The Evil Master/RRG

*ALL* RRG files are for *INFORMATIONAL* purposes ONLY, and they are not to
be taken lightly.  Though we write about these activities, we by NO MEANS
WHATSOEVER encourage their usage, and they should be for education only.
RRG Writers are *NOT REPONSIBLE* for the actions of the readers.
All situations involving authors are completely hypothetical.

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                          Phuckin' With WWIV - Part ][
                               by The Evil Master
                                 4@6977 WWIVnet

        Well since RRG-WWIV.TXT raised hell, and since it even prompted a
        response from Wayne Bell that said:

(18/21): Actually...
Name: Random #1 @1
Date: Sat Nov 30 10:28:39 1991
From:&Amber (Southern California)

RE: Hi, just wanted to tell you this...

none of those "hacking" techniques will work in v4.20 rev E.

$F4 1@1

so, if you all get $.20 rev E. you are in good shape.

        This response was to The Guesser 1@6996 who sent Wayne Bell the text I
        had written, in an email.

        Some things you might want to note, these files are for informational
        purposes only! Cannot some people read the RRG header on this file??
        Anyway, any activity that is prompted from the behaviors described in
        this file are not my responsibility. If I told you, you could kill
        someone with a gun, (which is no surprise I hope) then I'm not
        responsible for everyone that gets killed from your newfound knowledge.

        Onward with the file!

Some interesting things TCK and I had thought up over the 4 day weekend that
could seriously ruin WWIV boards around the nation...

     o   Why not come out with a new version of some onliners? :)

     o   Use a macro to email 1@1 with something friendly to say.

     o   If you're a WWIVnet sysop and want to raise hell, or if you know a
         real k00l WWIVnet sysop, tell him to change the limit of //UPLOAD
         to like 150k. Then upload a random line noise text file, generated
         with the C program included in the latter portion of this text file,
         or with the executable that should be distributed with this text.
         The text file should be no less than 100k, and should be line noise
         so it cannot compress when there are high speed net boards.. Then,
         there are a few things you can do with it. Post it on a WWIVnet
         sub, or better, email it to Wayne Bell! Then, since the sysop let
         you get away with this much (if you tricked the sysop into changing
         the //UPLOAD limit, then you probably cannot do this) tell him to
         go undelete "input.msg" in the TEMP directory, so you don't have to
         reupload the file another 10 times.

         What purpose does this serve?! DUH!! IT slows the NET down like a
         total bitch! Just imagine sending the file 10 times, starting
         from a high speed board. That's an extra 1.2 megs it has to send
         to all the boards. It will take an extra hour (at 24oo baud) for
         every board it hits along it's way. If 10 people did this, that
         would be a nice convenient delay of 10 hours. Then, an advantage
         would be, you wouldn't have to listen to stupid bitchs' (not to
         mention any names: Lady Ashley [oops]) lame posts on every sub.

     o   Did you know you're able to logon to a WWIVnet board and send
         netmail even as an unvalidated user? Well, certainly you may not have
         access to all the net subs, or have the ability to post on them, but
         you can send email. In some cases you can send emails to regular users
         on any board on the WWIVnet which is pretty convenient, or, you can
         always send mail to 1@xxxx's.. Because the board thinks you're sending
         a "feedback" (user 1 mail), it will allow it to transact.

     o   Always make sure to have an original handle when kreating
         accounts. It is very wise to logon as "THE [Board Name Goes Here]
         TERRORIST", ie: if the board's name is "The Null", you will be

     o   Make sure to use the ARC extraction on the board. In case the
         board doesn't have WWIV 4.20 Rev. e, which is very common, since
         sysops are getting tired of reentering all their mods. I am
         sure that ARC's backdoors are the same as PKUNZIP's. Ie: UnArc
         with pathname in file, details in RRG-WWIV.TXT or KILLWWIV.TXT.
         And you know what? I know they work too! Wanna know how?

(1/1): Yeah.
Name: Random #1 @1
Date: Sat Nov 30 10:08:03 1991
From:&Amber (Southern California)

RE: Hey Random

In v4.20 rev F (which I'm running now), I have it search the .ARC files also.
Fortunately, a long time ago I wrote a routine to list a .arc file, so I
cannibalized that.

$F4 1@1

         This was a file Wayne Bell sent to The Electron. So, apparently,
         all the backdoors available with ARC aren't patched til Revision
         F, which he hasn't released yet! Ahahha!

     o   In case you're bored, and have nothing to email a sysop, or net
         soul, remember that you can always create a 5000 beep (or any
         number) message to //UPLOAD to be mailed. Source code to kreate
         the 5000 beep message is also included in the latter portion of
         this tfile. Also //UPLOAD a message that says "AHAHAH I'm going
         to give you a virus. ZMODEM SENDING NOW! **[CTRL-X character]B00"
         This will piss off anyone who has an auto-zmodem leech on.
         Remember also, knowing a lot of information, such as address and
         phone numbers, are also nice things to let people know you have.

     o   Oh in case you are in the mood for reloggin on as a new user
         quite a few times, then make sure to go into the onliners and
         create accounts that will never be used again. Ie: Globar War and
         Trade Wars. Or if It is a registered version of Global Wars, then
         make sure to create a whole bunch of new passworded games that
         have passwords of shit that people will never guess/use.

    o    Remember, for sysops who haven't modded their sysop log writes,
         you can fuck them up by typing //@ USER SHELLED TO DOS which
         writes @USER SHELLED TO DOS at the log, which is the default for
         //DOSing. Make sure to hit enter once before and after this so
         that it is on a line of it's own. The same idea goes for uedit,
         say "@ RAN UEDIT"...

    o    Scan through WWIV MODs Sub, and find all the ones you want. Then,
         go block copy them into one big source code file with a little bit
         of programming knowledge and be sure to compile it into a
         seperate .EXE. Distribute this as the "MOD Door". With all the
         k-rad features you want in WWIV. Then, you distribute this as
         your program all over the place. Tell sysops to change their
         source to "shink_out("myprog.exe") and it will be a very neat
         little idea. I'm sure nobody has thought of it. Be sure to block
         copy in some copyrighted mods, and also steal some
         backdoor/trojan code from another k-rad elite phile today.

    o    If you are getting ready to get rid of a phone line in your
         house, be sure to get on WWIVlink or NET if you're slick, and run
         a board for about a week. Then cause all the ka0s you can on the
         NET in the final week of your phone line.

That's pretty much the latest ideas that came to mind, I will be writing
more of these files respective to the number of negative responses it
gets. The More criticism, the More I will write. Later on from here, the
source and .COM versions of the cool ka0s utilities are included after

                           The Evil Master  - 12/02/91

Below is the source code to generate a file with 32767 beeps, you may have
to adjust the size accordingly.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define BEEPS 32767  /* Number of beeps to be written to the file */

void main()
  FILE *outfile;
  int a;
  char filenamez[30];

  strcpy(filenamez,"beeps.msg");    /* Filename */



Below is the source code to generate a 150k file with random characters of all
255, except the EOF character.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

void main()
  FILE *outfile;
  long a;
  unsigned char randomchar;

	perror("Able to Open file for Output");

  for(a=0;a<150000;) {
	if(randomchar!=26) {

 Another file downloaded from:                               NIRVANAnet(tm)

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