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                                         >>> By: The Evil Master

                             Copyright (c) 1991, The Evil Master/RRG

*ALL* RRG files are for *INFORMATIONAL* purposes ONLY, and they are not to
be taken lightly.  Though we write about these activities, we by NO MEANS
WHATSOEVER encourage their usage, and they should be for education only.
RRG Writers are *NOT REPONSIBLE* for the actions of the readers.
All situations involving authors are completely hypothetical.

  RRG members include:
 > The Crypt Keeper <     > Fistandantilus    <     > MacGyver        <
 > Exile            <     > Dimension Shifter <     > Live Wire       <
 > The Evil Master  <     > Mythical Engineer <

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    The Maiden Spectrum (619)/566-4165.  (USR Dual)


                              RRG-WWIV ]I[
                          WWIV Terror Part ]i[
                            The Evil Master

By popular demand, here is the MOST valuable information you will ever
find in a text file! This is PART Three in the great RRG series of
Fucking with WWIV. If you liked the first two, and used the information
in them to K-KILL your favorite System, then stay tuned, this file
reveals Never before known hacking Secrets of WWIV, ALL Versions
including the latest WWIV 4.20 Revision e.

This file is distributed as an INFORMATIONAL file as the disclaimer
states. Keep in mind that this information is not encouraging you to
land your ass in Jail.

BACKDOORS! Everyone LOVES backdoors, and here are some clues as to which
to watch out for, and which are *KNOWN* to exist! The following are the
known backdoors generated randomly by Online Games.

        o TradeWars 2002; All versions above 1.00 contain an
          self-destruct sequence as well as some very trashy code. It
          takes advantage of any sysop who is running a TradeWars
          (timebomb mechanism) who are running a "trap" registration
          number. If you have been using this registration number and you
          know who you are, then don't say you weren't warned.

        o The Pit; Any version contains a very trecherous backdoor that
          stomps all over your FAT table and first 100 sectors of your
          boot and/or current drive.

        o FoodFite; A hacked version of this game has been floating
          around since March 4, 1991. It contains a memory resident
          Trojan Sequence. If it lands on the number 72, out of a
          random number check of 100 then you are going to be
          fried. It contains several statements to erase known WWIV
          data structures.

    >>> o Crunch League Football; ANY version! CAUTION! READ THIS! There
          is code for a TIME Bomb sequence in Crunch League Football. It
          will destroy any sectors on the hard drive that it is resident
          on. The destructive code are low-level writes, very similar
          to those used in DOS' DEBUG command. It is >>UNKNOWN<< what
          date is set for it's rampage, but my guess is sometime after
          the new year.

The following Online games are known to have a typical "backdoor"; a
shell to DOS with user type of commmand... It will not be disclosed how
to activate these shells for fear that boards will be crashed SEVERELY
across the nation. If you wish to inquire further about these, email me
at my WWIV or InterNet address.

        o TradeWars 2002; All versions above .97
        o World League Football
        o Delta Force
        o BlackJack
        o Space Dynasty <-- Unknown how it's activated, but there is
                            code for a run of COMSPEC.

         Enough of the backdoors, here's some time show you how
                   unintellectual several people are.

Wayne Bell: Response to my email to him regarding his *LAME* programming

(2/3): You have no time at all, do you?
Name: Random #1 @1
Date: Sat Nov 23 14:07:09 1991
From:&Amber (Southern California)

RE: Hey Random

        I don't like you very much.

$F4 1@1

Lady Ashley: (619)'s biggest whiner.

50/50: You make me gasp for air.
Name: Lady Ashley #1 @6976
Date: Fri Nov 26 11:01:58 1991

RE: Fuck off Ashley
By: The Evil Master #4 @6977

        You know you really annoy the shit of me, young man. Don't you
have something better to do than bug someone with a life and a child to
support? If you really want to hurt me so bad, then why don't you die,
then I will feel guilty. For now, just sit on your little butt while I
drive across town and have a drink. I'll be waiting to get your response.

Necromancer: A six-one-nine loser who wanted to play trade wars, after
             I stated I had taken it off.

Necromancer #172
Thu Nov 07 21:50:20 1991

God, your board is soo LAME! The only reason I
called was to play TW, and now I can't do that. Go suck a dick, evil

Hope your board does really shitty in the future

                        Master of the Dead
                        See ya'

         Enough captures, how about this valuable information?

Hacking into WWIV? You can freeze the board by doing any of the
following things; Of course, if you were running Image, you can do just
about anything and freeze it.

      $ Hitting 'C' to chat, and then 'N' about 54 times. Depending on
        the baud rate, you will fill the buffer and phreeze it.

      $ Running TradeWars, and coming back to the board and checking the
        Gfiles directory. Read all the files, and the board will freeze,
        requiring a RESET, not just CTRL-ALT-DELETE.

      $ Going to the file transfer section, invoke a SEARCH all
        directories for *.*, then going into the Message Base and
        posting a message with the title: "       " where the third
        space is an ALT-255.

      $ Calling the board about 40 times with your autodialer set to
        hangup after 15 seconds. This will cause your modem to call, get
        an answer tone on the board, and then hangup during the answer
        sequence. WWIV doesn't like this very much and will freeze
        saying "Answering, Hit 'H' to abort."

      $ On high speed, v.32bis, hit "+" three times, then type ATO2 to
        retrain the modems, at that speed, WWIV doesn't like the
        retrain, and will hang, or spew out some really really random

      $ Go to the extractors, view a file called INIT.EXE. This will for
        some reason try to view INIT.EXE, in the WWIV directory. PkUnziP
        will freeze while returning an ERRORlevel back to the board.

      $ Hitting 'W' at the main menu, which normally does nothing, about
        60 times will fill the board's memory up with K-RAP, I don't
        know why, but it seems to. This will freeze the board.


        Alright, that's about it for this Issue. I hope you really screw
        up and frustrate tons of WWIV sysops with this information. Make
        sure to contact Wayne, every moment of every day. Tell him (in a
        macro) about 100 times how much you like his software.

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