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Misc: Hacking US School BBS. Stupid


                           U.S. SCHOOL B.B.S

                           SUBJECT: HOW TO HACK IT


        I know most of you just want the phone number to this place.But I

  wanted to write a text file on how to get in so you dont have to figure

  it out on youre own.It is easy to get in.all you have to know is:

    1)   what the name of the school you go to...(some people are not even

         shure what there names are at my school  <grin>)

    2)   pick a teacher that is almost never able to go up to the office...

         thay do check...so if she is teaching class she wont be able to

         break away from tha class..thay dont check that closely to break

         a teacher away from her class.but thay do check to the point of dose

         she in fact teach at this school,,,Now i havent tryed this one.but

         if you were to say you were the principal (i would think) you would

         get more acces..but of corse the bigest draw back to that im shure

         that thay will check up on that....

    3)   you will nead the area code of where the school is..and of cores

         the phone number of the school...(just look it up in the phone book

    4)   (if i rember right) you must tell the SysOp youe self..the bbs dosent

         run off of a WWIV,Teliguard,ect. that will ask you to enter a letter

         for validation.it runs off of (shity)RBBS.

    5)   of corse you must act older than you are(asuming you are under aged)


                           NOW HERES THE PART YOU ALL HAVE

                          WAITING FOR...THE PHONE NUMBER

      US OF EDUICATION'S PHONE NUMBER :  1-800-222-4922



                 TEXT FILE BY :THE SCOUT




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