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Misc: Text file steroids - beat U/D ratios!

    ANNOUNCING the discovery of text file steroids!!!

    Do you need to bulk up that thin 1K text file of yours to a big 10K
    text file?  You want to be the top uploader in your favorite phreak
    board, eh?  Well, the scientists at the MS/PC-DOS testing lab here
    in Struct Def City, California have discovered a "loophole" in text
    files.  The designers of DOS made the end-of-file marker (tells DOS
    that the text file ends there and there is no more text to be shown
    after it) a Ctrl-Z;ASCII 26;HEX 1A.  However, we found a text editor
    that ignores the Ctrl-Z and therefore, bypasses the Ctrl-Z barrier.
    Futhermore, you could create a binary file which acts as a text file.
    This means that you could add anything after any text file to add
    muscle to it (And moves you closer to be the top uploader in your
    favorite BBS).

    Also, as an added bonus, you can hide your *secret information* from
    people who is not supposed to be looking at your file.  This means
    that you could trade codes without anybody knowing anything.  For
    example, you upload a "buffed" text file to a BBS containing your
    "codez".  You tell your friend that it has the codez imbeded to it
    and he then extracts it.  You could choose who gets your codez.
    Anybody could download it *but* nobody could get the codes unless you
    tell 'em it's there.  BTW- You need my text file editor that bypasses
    the Ctrl-Z barrier or use your all trusty Norton Utilities to get rid
    of those 1A's;26's;Ctrl-Z's.

    Have fun!!

    CAUTION: This file has steroids imbeded to it....

25 Dec 1989 Message by Struct Def to all....

Merry Christmas!!!  HERE'S my steroids imbeded as I told ya.....

The following junk is the steroids...

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