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Misc PC: Telegard & Renegade Hints and Bugs (lame)

                   Telegard & Renegade Hints (Bugs)

        Telegard and Renegade boards are the most used boards around.
        The other boards like SearchLight, Major BBS, Unix, Maximus, etc.
        aren't really that good.  But Telegard and Renegade boards,
        to me, are the best and the most user friendly.  Since they are
        so user friendly they should be easy to mess with...

        The following hints are really just bugs in the software.  There
        is no way you can actually hack either of the boards by using
        this text file.  This text file is just a list of a few bugs
        that were found in Telegard & Renegade that might help you in
        your way to driving a SysOp insane.

                              - Telegard -

        1)  When logging in NEW press ALT-255 (Ascii Space) when it
             asks you for your handle.  This will allow you to either
             logon twice with your same handle or using someone else's.

        2)  Use ALT-255 and use the SysOp's handle.  This will make
             the SysOp a little paranoid if he doesn't know about the
             ascii space command.  
             Many SysOps will start locking out new users and up the 
             security a little bit because they think that their board 
             is going to get hacked. 

        3)  Rename a file that is full of ascii and name it to the
             computers clock string ($CLOCK, CLOCK.$$$, CLOCK$ something
             like that).  When you upoload it the board will automatically
             think it is the real clock string and will start reading 
             your ascii file.  This will totally mess up the internal
             clock in the computer.

        4)  If the SysOp is stupid and hasn't taken the ARCHIVE menu off
             of his board then you can have some real fun.  Upload a virus
             or a file with a .BAT file inside or something to the affect
             and make it screw his system up.  Go into the archive menu
             and run the .BAT file or the virus or whatever you gave to 
             him.  It will do whatever you told it to do...
        - Auto Validation -

        5)  If the board has Auto-Validation set to ON this could probably
             be the best time you will ever have...

            Logon NEW with a fake account.  Just start screwing around
             on the board.  This is real stupid, but it's fun.

            Logon NEW with the SysOp's account and start posting messages
             and automessages about how the board is going to go down
             in a few days.  This is very affective if the SysOp is away 
             from the computer for a few days.

            Logon NEW with the SysOp's account.  Start posting messages
             full of cuss words telling people that they are motherfuckers
             and stuff like that.  The users will get real angry at who?
             THE SYSOP!  The SysOp will have no users after a week of
             you yelling at them.  

            If the board has FidoNet or some other kind of net start
             posting messages all over the place saying you have dildos
             for sale and stuff like that.  It doesn't matter what name
             you use when you do this because the people who run the net
             will get real mad anyways, but if you use the SysOp's name
             it will surely get him kicked off!

            There are others like uploading LOGOFF.BAT files to run things
            and pressing things like @S@S or @A@A and locking up the
            board, but they are all stupid and almost always fail.

                                - Renegade -

             1)  If the Renegade version is lower than 12-25-92 you can
                  press the space bar when it asks you what your
                  handle is while loging in NEW.  This will lock up the
                  SysOp's computer till he reboots.

             2)  When you post a message in versions 1-03-93 and later
                  (only ones I've tested this in) you can hit E for
                  edit, then F for From Who and you can put in any name
                  you want in.  This is good if you post a bad message
                  to someone or if you post in a Net of some sort.  

             3)  Renegade boards have a little trouble with using door
                  programs.  Expecially callback doors.  When RG swaps
                  to DOS to run a door it will make a hidden file that
                  is the Swapping file.  It SHOULD delete it when it
                  goes back to the board, but sometimes it doesn't.
                  It almost always leaves a hidden file of about 200k
                  on the system's hard drive if you use a callback door.


        There, that's my file.  It is pretty much worthless, but it might
        give some of you studs *HA* some ideas when you find a lamer
        board that is running TG or something.

                                Have Fun  

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