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Telegard: Telegard Hack

This is a text file that has been around for a while.  Pretty childish
whoever thinks this is such a great hack.  But it is something to be
aware of.  It's really simple to defeat, actually if anyone even used
this it really wouldn't damage your system, so don't worry about it
too much.  You can either stop it by the way he mentions below or you
might just simply look out for the information as it is entered here.

Overall.  Whoever these losers are, they make themselves sound like
they are the greatest hacks ever.  Another Production by: .... blah
blah blah.  Yeah you guys are great.  Just like to say if you guys
knew anything about hacking you wouldn't be wasting your time with
this.  L8R.


          * Another                          *   TWCS '92! proudly 
         *      Production by:                *  presents:  
          *         The West Coast Syndicate *   Telegard 2.7 Hack
           Copyright (c) TWCS 1992
              TWCS '92! Members: 
                    -Hot Keys
                            -Snidely Whiplash
                                -Dr. Wily
        This  text  file was produced for educational  and  informational 
        purposes only!  Neither the author or The West Coast Syndicate is 
        held  responsible for any of the reader's  actions.   Futhermore, 
        The  West Coast Syndicate and all it's members do not endorse  or 
        encourage illegal activity.  
                               =Telegard 2.7 Hack=
                                 =By: Hot Keys=
           There may be text files on this but they are all out-dated and
        just plain old so I'm writing this one to make users and even a few
        sysops (if they read this) aware of a very easy hack in telegard 2.7.
        This is not a hack that will drop you to DOS so you can fuck up the
        sysop of that BBS. This is really just a simple hack that will give
        you the sysop-defined auto validation settings.  (That way you don't 
        have to wait for the SysOp to validate you)  Its also pretty simple 

        Here's how...

        The first thing I must mention is that this does work but you will
        not see anything till the message bases are packed.

        ok the first thing you'll see is the 
        Enter user name:
        (put anything here you want)

        enter real name:
        (put your real name here... J/K)

        ok, next comes the tricky part.  You'll see something like this:
         enter the country your calling from:
           1. United States
           2. Canada
           3. Other <---- pick this one!
         after you pick #3 youll get a space to put in an address,
         city/state and phone number... put this in the spaces:
           Address: Western Hemisphere N. American  <-- "ican" not America
           City   : Planet Earth
           State  : Sol Solar System
           Zip    : GALMILKWAY
           Phone  : 7777777777 <-- no dashes

        and then, pick computer number 10 no matter what it is.

        Eveything else is done...  oh for the sysop letter you might want to 
        say something like:
        Hey haven't chatted in a while maybe you'll be around next time I call
        Anyway that's about it... The telegard 2.7 hack, this hack has been 
        there before but it was taken out of telegard and then brought back in.

        Oh and all those little PKUNZIP and stuff they have all been fixed.
        Sorry... those were fun, I know.

      So... How do you sysops out there defend aginst it?  Kill the Auto- 
      Validation settings... Put em all 0 and give them all the restrictions...

      Anyway thats it... that will work with 2.7. (maybe 2.5q)

      A special thanks to TRIAX who although is not a member of TWCS is
      requesting membership.  He has helped me with a few of the technical
      stuff here in this text file.  

      For Info on TWCS '92! and more info on telegard technical help call:
      THE UNFORGIVEN BBS!       

                                  TWCS '92!      
            Cyborg Systems                           The Unforgiven        
               566+3272                                 486-0891
            SysOp: Dr. Wily                          SysOp: Hot Keys

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