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ViSiON: VAS #75: ViSiON-X 0.93 Backdoors, crashing etc...

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                Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter #0075                 
          Date Released : [08/07/92]       Author: ChAoS                     
                 ViSiON-X 0.93 Backdoors/Crashing etc...                     

                   How To Crash a ViSiON-X Board: Method #1
	I am Not responsible for the effects of the reading of this file, Nor
   an I in any way responsible for damages caused through knowledge gained
   herein. Understand? ok..

                     Method #1: The UPLOAD From DOS Matrix
   In ViSiON-X 0.93 and most previous versions, there was a hidden command
 built into the DOS Simulator matrix for the uploading of BBS applications
 to the sysop. This was not very widely used, but I will go into the ways
 to use this to "eliminate" the enemy, and the way a sysop mey prevent it.

HoW To Use This as an Assault Technique:
    The first step is to actually write a trojan that will eliminate all,
 part, or selected groups of data on the intended board's hard drive. This
 usually involves the adding of a command such as <Simple> del c:\vision-x\*.*
 or echo y | format c: .. etc etc etc. I have included a program called
 bat2exe for those of you who cannot program, such as myself. This way, all
 you must do is write a nifty batch file that does what you want it to, and
 run bat2exe to make it a simple .EXE trojan.
    Once the trojan is made/compiled etc, rename it to ViSiON-X.COM. Put it
 somewhere out of your path so that if you run a V-X board, it won't nail ya.
 Now, call your favorite <not> V-X board. If you see a DOS matrix, prepare to
 nail em! Try to Chat, making sure the sysop is nowhere near. If you recieve
 no reply, do exactly this:
	1.) Type "UPLOAD" and hit Enter.
        2.) it will prompt you whether or not you want to u/l an application.
            hit y, and do a zmodem upload of the trojan.
        3.) Hang up, and hope your trojan works. This will put it in the main
            directory as it does the MESSAGE.XYZ files. When it goes to execute
            the vision-x.exe, the com file will be executed, nailing the bastard
Simple? yep. The end.

How to prevent this on your V-X Board:

    Simple. Delete the applications directory. This will simply abort the
 upload, without causing an error. SImply put, your board will not accept
 any applications, and, subsequently save your precious data.

 Due to today's release of ViSiON-X 0.95 Alpha, I may have an update for ya!

---Thanks To:
  StudMuffin, For Accepting Me and the CTD guys..
  CorrupTor, Laughs, great trojans..
  Haburger Pimp, renting Dolemite ][ for me!
  Scorpion and Emerson of SiN, for cracking all the GOOD shit

                   陳塚様様[ VaS DiSTRiBuTioN SiTeS ]様様幼陳
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  LiVe WiRE BBS        (313)464-1470    14.4   Studmuffin          World HQ  
  Floating Pancreas    (305)551-0311    14.4   Majestic Cockster   Dist. #1  
  Midian BBS           (703)790-8048    14.4   The Raging Golemn   Dist. #2  
  CHaoTiC BeHaVioR     (717)652-7096    16.8   Chaos               Dist. #3  
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   Studmuffin can be reached via internet at the address: dmitchel@ais.org   
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                              Livonia,MI 48153                               

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