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Misc: Walden Books: Self-appointed Big Brother of BBSes

                        !!!  WARNING  !!!

                "This is a WARNING to all SYSOPS"

           "This is a WARNING all computer hobbysists"


It seems that Walden Books and Walden Software stores have ap-
pointed themselves as watchdogs over America's BBS's. Their em-
ployees; or individuals they get to co-operate with them, in ex-
change for books or software, call BBS's in search of anything
which they can turn over to government. This includes commercial
software, anarchic or derogatory messages in message bases, and
even adult material which they decide is too lewd. Every SYSOP is
aware of how hard it is to monitor all that gets uploaded to the
BBS or appears in the message base. I'm quite sure that there in
no program which decide what should stay or what should be delet-
ed in regard to content. All it takes is one file in the upload
directory or one message in the message base, and Big Uncle is
breaking down your door and confiscating everything. Everything
means all computer equipment, all software and all computer re-
lated books. It is my opinion that the only way to combat this is
for all, repeat all, computer enthusists to put a total and unre-
lenting boycott on all Walden stores.

Origin: The Lightning BBS
        Scarsdale, NY 10583

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