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MSIE Findeath: break caller-based authorization

Findeath: break caller-based authorization.

("that's all" is end of file if you are in a hurry)


Browser Ver


MS Internet Explorer: 6.0.2600.0000.xpclnt_qfe.021108-2107;

Encryption: 128-bit;

Patch:; Q810847; 


(So, it's far from fully patched.) 

OS Ver: "Windows XP Cn ver"


(press CTRL+F and search for something.) 




---> Findeath section

---> Findeath-MyPage file


window.open checks the root-caller's security id.

("root-caller" is some script which is not invoked by

another function.) 

my function can be called by the FIND

dialog(RES-protocol page in MYCOMPUTER zone):

hijack this function:


and ask the user to search for something.

at last, FIND dialog calls



while using the CTRL+F dialog, i suddenly remembered


he stated: if time can change others, time can also be

changed be others. 

of course, i know the FIND dialog are calling some

methods in the main window obj, 

so window obj can also play some tricks. (yeah.

einstein is not always a loser. :-) )

and then thanks to "GreyMagic" for "GreyMagic Security

Advisory GM#002-OP"

he/they used function hijack. oh, just a reminder.


the Pull, dror, guninski, greymagic, sandblad and

"Friedrich L.Bauer".

of course, mom and dad.

best wishes


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