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Internet Explorer and Opera local zone restriction bypass

Internet Explorer and Opera local zone restriction bypass.

Vendor Information:

Homepage : http://www.microsoft.com
Vendor : informed
Mailed advisory: 23/10/03
Vender Response : None yet

Affected Versions:

All version of IE 6
Possibly 5.x too


Microsoft Internet Explorer does not allow local file access by a remote host by default.
By creating an iframe which points on a specially crafted cgi script (using the location header 
to confuse IE), it is possible to cause IE to execute any local file through the iframe with local 
zone restrictions. This then allows remote arbitrary file execution on the victim without having
the victim do a thing except load the page.
Opera seems to not only be affected by this vulnerability, but it also allows direct
local file access through iframes without any cgi scripts. Unlike IE where it is possible
to set activex objects to execute arbitrary files, in Opera it is not. There may be a way,
but I am currently not aware of any.


I have created a proof of concept page, but I did not show or explain how the cgi scripts
nor the flash file work exactly to prevent kiddie abuse.

For IE: http://www.mlsecurity.com/ie/ie.htm

For Opera: <iframe name="abc" src="file:///C:/"></iframe>


Check Microsoft's website frequently until a new patch comes out.


- Mindwarper
- mindwarper@linuxmail.org
- http://mlsecurity.com

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