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IE: Redirection and refresh parses local file

Redirection and refresh parses local file

("that's all" is the end of file if you are in a hurry)



Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.Sp1; up-to-date on 2003/10/30




if an iframe whose SRC points to a CGI redirecting to a local URL, location of the iframe will be equal to the local URL. then, refreshing the iframe OR refreshing the top window will make the local URL be parsed.

that's all.

the first post about this issue is


then Thor Larholm wrote it's the 3 slashes after "file:" that make IE accept the HTTP redirection.

( http://pivx.com/larholm/list/pivx.10.24.macromediaflashcookies.txt )

actually, that's not the key point. "file://", "file:///" and "[DriveLetter]:\[...]" are okay.

it's added to "Unpatched IE Bugs" list at http://continue.to/trie


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