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Self-Executing HTML: Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0 Part III

Wednesday, November 5, 2003 

In our never-ending quest for entertainment, we commece from 
this date forward to end-2004 our POS series of findings. That
is the 'perfect operating system'. Today we debut and regurgitate
new and not so new for fun as follows. A warm up for the New Year if 
you will !:

The following file is an html file comprising both scripting and an 
executable [*.exe]. 

We inject scripting and an executable into the html file which is 
designed to point back to the executable in the html file and execute 
it. Provided the html file is an html file, Internet Explorer 5.5 and 
6.0 will execute it. 

Because it is an html file proper, Internet Explorer opens it. The 
scripting inside is then parsed and fired. That scripting is pointing 
back to the same executable file and because it is a self-executing 
html file, it executes ! 

Fully self-contained harmless *.exe:

CAUTION: back up notepad.exe before opening


What a POS !

Be aware of html files out there. 


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