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Drivial Pursuit: Internet Explorer Browser & Your Files and Folders !

Wednesday, 23 July, 2003

Yet another quaint lead-up to "silent delivery and installation of an 
executable on a target computer. No client input other than viewing a 
web page" !

This is getting boring.

A myriad of technical hurdles have been recently placed to disallow 
access to files and folders on the local machine from the internet.  
Previously simple redirects could defeat that, but that too has been 

Coupled with a myriad of existing possibilities of placing arbitrary 
files in known locations on the local machine, along with perhaps 
several other well known applications that create sensitive files in 
known locations on the local machine, accessing all of these with our 
trusty browser commonly known as IE, leaves us with ample opportunity 
to wreak further havoc on the unsuspecting customers of the 
manufacturer, one "Microsoft".

For an ever increasing list of component possibilities seek here:


Once again the problem lies within our trusty and battle-hardened 
Windows Media Player. Two second creation of Zero second URL flip to 
local machine, allows us the desired access.  Whether this is the 
result of a 'trusted' media file or not is unclear. Not important. 
Custom crafted media files seem to fail.

Working Example:

Fails on WMP 9 but fully functional on all others regardless of 
operating system:

ATTENTION: demo is merely first step. Plug 'n Play any of the 
available components in the listing above for maximum results:



1. We appear to be going around and around in circles now
2. We see no possibility of ever expending one red cent to this 
particular toy manufacturer. As such we are stuck with what we have.  
We would be interested to thoroughly examining the latest and 
greatest toys created by these people and should someone feel like 
lending us a couple shiny new machines with default installs of the 
latest and greatest toys, we'll be happy come to some sort of mutualy 
beneficial arrangement.
3. None.


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