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Outlook Express Remote Code Execution in Preview Pane
14th Oct 2002 [SBWID-5745]

	Outlook Express Remote Code Execution in Preview Pane (S/MIME)


	 Outlook Express version 5.50

	 Outlook Express version 6.0


	Immune versions:

	 Outlook Express 5.5 SP2

	 Outlook Express 6.0 SP1 (included in Windows XP SP1)

	 Microsoft Outlook


	In Noam Rathaus [noamr@beyondsecurity.com] advisory :




	S/MIME has been implemented in Outlook  Express  in  accordance  to  RFC
	2311  (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2311.txt?number=2311).  As   the   RFC
	states, an error message should be displayed whenever the  "From"  field
	of the letter does not match that of the  S/MIME  RFC822  Name  (in  our
	example it will be noamr@beyondsecurity.com).

	The following error message will be displayed whenever such an  incident
	occurs (The fake email address has been set to "Fake"):


	Security Warning 


	There are security problems with this message.

	Please review the highlighted items listed below:  


	(V) Message has not been tampered with 

	(V) You do trust the signing digital ID 

	(V) The digital ID has not expired 

	(X) The digital ID's e-mail address does not match sender's 

	 Signer: noamr@beyondsecurity.com 

	 Sender: Fake

	(V) The digital ID has not been revoked or revocation information for


	certificate could not be determined. 

	(V) There are no other problems with the digital ID 



	Ironically, this message warning is where  the  vulnerability  lies.  An
	overflow in the code that tries to place the sender's email  address  in
	the  message  allows  arbitrary  code  execution,  which  is   triggered
	whenever a user views the message. Watching it in the  preview  pane  is
	sufficient to trigger the overflow.



	Microsoft has responded promptly and the fix  was  included  in  Service
	Pack 1 for Windows XP released a  few  weeks  ago.  A  patch  for  other
	systems is available at:



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