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Internet Explorer Local File/Directory Detection
Internet Explorer Local File/Directory Detection


This vulnerability, are based on the equal characteristics discovered by the
company GreyMagic Software of Israel in some of the versions of the
navigator Opera.

This bug also is available in the popular MS Internet Explorer, which could
be operated by a remote user to acquire sensible data of a remote system.
When a file or directory is assigned iframe that does not exist, this
navigator will generate an error. A remote user can create code HTML that
loads iframe and changes to the URL from this resource to a file or local
directory, and then detects if there is that error to determine if that
element exists.

Proof Of Concept (POC/Exploit):




Tested on:

MS Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (SP1,Q867801) Win9x
MS Internet Explorer 5.0 Windows 2000

Also in Mozilla Firefox without success.

More Info:

Opera Local File/Directory Detection.


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Version en
http://www.rzw.com.ar/article1820-Internet-Explorer-deteccion-remota-d e-directorio-o-archivo-local

Martin [XyborG] Aberastegue

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