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a litle bypass with IE
a litle bypass with IE


im not a expert in this area, but i work in a intranet that haves the Squid/2.3.STABLE5 filtring all access's to the internet.. 

so i don't have access to the internet directaly, but i know that this proxy allow access to especific web sites.. so, in the past if i us this:

http://url@website_allowed.pt -> the vuln that is already discovered... i have access to the website that i want...

but in this days, this vuln is now fixed so...

in my test's i found this way to pass this proxy, using:

http://@@website_allowed.pt@my_url -> now i have access... 

using @@url.pt@ i can bypass the proxy and access the internet, i don't know how faur, this could go!!

so i don't know if this is a bug from IE or just a simple bug from Squid.. ??? can anyone tell what we have in hands ?

PS: sorry my inglish

Nuno Costa



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