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Regression in IE: Accessing remote/local content in IE (GM#009-IE)
Regression in IE: Accessing remote/local content in IE (GM#009-IE)

For further information on the regression itself see "Solution" section.

GreyMagic Security Advisory GM#009-IE

By GreyMagic Software, 23 Aug 2002, 12 Oct 2004. 

Available in HTML format at

Topic: Accessing remote/local content in IE.

Discovery date: 18 Feb 2002.

Affected applications: 

All tested versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE5+); prior versions
may be vulnerable as well. 

Note that any other application that uses Internet Explorer's engine
(WebBrowser control) is affected as well (Outlook, MSN Explorer, etc.). 


Back in 1997, when Internet Explorer 4 was first released, XML was just
starting to become popular. The popularity of XML prompted Microsoft to
devise the early prototype of XML data-islands, using the 


Microsoft was first informed on 18 Feb 2002, a patch was finally released on
22 Aug 2002 after a long investigation and testing period. 

The patch may be downloaded from:

** Update - 9 Oct 2004 **

There has been a regression in Internet Explorer that causes it to be
vulnerable to this issue once again. The regression was spotted by Georgi
Guninski in an advisory from 7-Oct-2004
(http://www.guninski.com/where_do_you_want_billg_to_go_today_1.ht ml). 

Interestingly enough, the regression is only visible when the