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Realone2.0 "pnxr3260.dll" Lets Remote Users IE Browser Crash
Realone2.0 "pnxr3260.dll" Lets Remote Users IE Browser Crash

Impact:  Denial of service via network 

Version(s):Realone 2.0(build


   <EMBED ...> puts a browser plugin in the page. A plugin is a special program located on the client computer (i.e. not on your web server) that handles its own special type of data file. The most common plugins are for sounds and movies. The <EMBED ...> tag gives the location of a data file that the plugin should handle. 


    A vulnerability was found in the IE browser with system installed Realone 2.0(build in the processing of the 'embed' tag. A remote user can create HTML that include <EMBED ...> , when loaded by the client user, will cause the client user's browser to call the plugin of Realone,and then the IE browser crash. 

The err signature of Iexplorer.exe:

AppName: iexplore.exe	 AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106	   ModName:pnxr3260.dll

ModVer:	 Offset: 00003e98


An attacker can exploit the above-described vulnerability to execute 

arbitrary code under the permissions of the target user. Successful 

exploitation requires that the attacker convince the end user to install realone2.0(build 

Premise:the client user had installed realone2.0(Edition

The following demonstration exploit can cause IE to crash:

<script language=javascript>

function dSend() {




<EMBED src=http://w.net/mp3/wind.mp3 >

The attacker can insert shellcode script in above html to execute arbitrary code. IV. Solution Updated to the newest edition of reaone.

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