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IE6 SP1 - Click N Crash
IE6 SP1 - Click N Crash


Affected Software : Microsoft Internet Explorer
Vulnerability : Remote DOS / Crash
Tested On : MS IE 6.0 SP1, Win2K SP4, [up-to-date]
according to windowsupdate.com

Discovered by : Gregory R. Panakkal

HomePage : http://www.crapware.tk 

Pointing a link to the URI -> file://!:\ [replace !
with the character with ascii value for eg:- 0xA0].
Causes IE6-SP1 to crash, the illegal op occuring in
user32.dll. Other special characters are also

A demonstration is available at the following URL.


Greetz to
Rakesh Balasunder - r0ck@iNfy
CK - Saitegog! :)

Gregory R. Panakkal 

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