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Firefox Remote Compromise Leaked
Firefox Remote Compromise Leaked

Well, apparently one of my Firefox vulnerabilities has been leaked. Mikx and I have been working on Firefox security for some time and we are trying to put together something spectacular, but unfortunatly there are always those people out there that feel they need to ruin it for people. About a week ago, Mikx and I put together a nice remote compromise for Firefox, submitted it to bugzilla, and got a bug number for it. This is the message that I just got from Bugzilla:

bugzilla-daemon@mozilla.org to me 12:14 am (1 hour ago) 

brendan@mozilla.org changed: 

          What    |Removed                     |Added
CC| |bugs@bengoodger.com, 
| |vladimir@pobox.com, 
| |shaver@mozilla.org, 
| |brendan@mozilla.org, 
| |chofmann@gmail.com 

------- Additional Comments From brendan@mozilla.org 2005-05-07 21:14 PDT -------
So now someone is claiming a 0day that looks a lot like this.  See bug 293302.

So apparently, the secret is out. I wish that this could have been used for good purposes but I guess that just isn't possible these days...

Here is the original PoC:

I suspect that my server was compromised, and I am currently using my contacts to find the culprit and bring him to justice.

Sorry to Mozilla, Mikx, and everyone else that was harmed by the inconsiderate, irresponsible actions of an individual.


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