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MSIE 5.0 cross-frame vulnerabilities

Subject: IE 5.0 cross-frame vulnerabilities back again
from:          Francis Favorini


It seems that after applying the IFRAME ExecCommand patch from MS9-042,
IE 5.0 is again vulnerable to Georgi Guninski's cross-frame bugs.  You
can visit his page at <http://www.nat.bg/~joro/read2.html> to test.  I
tested this on 2 NTW 4.0 SP5 machines with IE 5.0 and all released
fixes.  Georgi also confirmed his test machine is vulnerable again after
this patch.

There are three IE5 fixes that replace MSHTML.DLL:

MS99-012        04/21/99        "MSHTML Update" (3 fixes mentioned
MS99-040        10/12/99  	 "Download Behavior"
MS99-042        10/15/99        "IFRAME ExecCommand"

The bulletin for MS99-042 states that it includes the MS99-040 fix for
"Download Behavior" but it doesn't mention MS99-012 and its patch, which
fixed cross-frame, IMG SRC, and untrusted scripted paste bugs.
The untrusted scripted paste bug seems to remain fixed.
I don't know where an IMG SRC exploit test is, so I couldn't check it.
I emailed Microsoft Support several times asking if MS99-042 covered
MS99-012, and they were unable to give me an answer.

I also have a question about the IE 5.0 ImportExportFavorites
vulnerability.   After applying the ImportExportFavorites patch from
MS9-037, the only difference I see is that it asks the user if they want
to export or import their Favorites.  In the bulletin's FAQ, it says "It
eliminates the ImportExportFavorites vulnerability by only allowing the
ImportExportFavorites() method to create icon files, and by restricting
what folders they can be written to."  Do you find that to be accurate?
Do you know what folders saving is restricted to?

-Francis Favorini

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