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Google Chrome ClickJacking Vulnerability.
Advisory: Google Chrome ClickJacking Vulnerability.
Advisory: Google Chrome ClickJacking Vulnerability.

Version Affected:
Chrome/ and previous too

The Google chrome browser is vulnerable to clickjacking flaw.A
clickjacked page tricks a user into performing
undesired actions by clicking on a concealed link. attackers can trick
users into performing actions which the
users never intended to do and there is no way of tracing such actions
later, as the user was genuinely
authenticated on the other page.

Proof of Concept:

SecNiche confirmed this vulnerability affects Google Chrome on Microsoft
Windows XP SP2 platform.The
versions tested are: Chrome/

Disclosure Timeline:
Disclosed: 27 January 2009
Release Date. 28 January 2009

Vendor Response:
Google acknowledges this vulnerability and already working on it.

Aditya K Sood

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