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Citrix ICA Clients Heap Offset Overflow
Heap Offset Overflow in Citrix ICA Clients
Heap Offset Overflow in Citrix ICA Clients

===============================ADVISORY==============================Systems Affected:    Citrix ICA Client
Severity:            High
Category:            Heap Offset Overflow
Author:              Context Information Security Ltd
Reported to vendor:  20th February 2008
Advisory Issued:     4th August 2010
The Citrix Presentation Server Client (test on v10.150) does not perform bounds checking on the type field in an ICA "graphics" packet.  This lack of checking allows for a remote exploitation of a user that has the client installed.  

The exploit can be triggered by sending a user to a malicious webpage that causes an ICA file to be downloaded. This automatically connects to a simulated ICA server, which can trigger the remote code execution and take control over the client.

The ICA client software is vulnerable to an offset overflow heap exploit.  The ICA client does not correctly validate input from network data in the graphics packets.  This allows arbitrary code execution on a victim's computer that connects to a malicious ICA server.  A user with the ICA client installed will automatically connect to an ICA server that is provided via a URL.  

Therefore if a user clicks on a malicious link, opens an ".ICA" file via email or is redirected to a malicious server the exploit will be launched against the user.

The exploit works by providing an ".ICA" file to the web browser which instructs the browser to load the ICA client and connect to the malicious server.  The server is not a real ICA server but software which simulates the initially negotiation of an ICA connection and then launches the exploit.

Technologies Affected
Citrix Client 10 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and Windows Mobile

Vendor Response
Citrix advise users to upgrade to the latest version of the Citrix client.  See the following Citrix support article for more details:

Disclosure Timeline
20th February 2008 - Vendor Notification
26th February 2008 - Vendor Response for more Details
3rd March 2008 - Vendor Confirm Vulnerability
3rd August 2010 - Vendor Patch Released

Michael Jordon of Context Information Security Ltd

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