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ASPPortal.net Multiple Vulnerabilities
CodeScan Advisory: Multiple Vulnerabilities In ASPPortal.net
CodeScan Advisory: Multiple Vulnerabilities In ASPPortal.net

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======================================================================== CodeScan Advisory, codescan.com  
= Multiple Vulnerabilities In ASPPortal.net
= Vendor Website: 
= http://www.aspportal.net 
= Affected Version:
=    Version 3.00
= Researched By
= CodeScan Labs  
= Public disclosure on March 15th, 2006
== Overview =
CodeScan Labs (www.codescan.com), has recently released a new source 
code scanning tool, CodeScan. CodeScan is an advanced auditing tool 
designed to check web application source code for security vulnerabilities.
CodeScan utilises an intelligent source code parsing engine, traversing 
execution paths and tracking the flow of user supplied input.

During the ongoing testing of CodeScan ASP, ASPPortal v3.00 was selected
as one of the test applications.

This advisory is the result of research into the security of ASPPortal,
based on the report generated by the CodeScan tool.

== Vulnerability Details =
More than 10 SQL injection vulnerabilities were discovered in the 
application that could be exploited by either unauthenticated users, 
or from a normal user account.

Most of the SQL calls were done without any sort of filtering such
as is shown in this code snippet;
  sql = "SELECT Forums_Reply.Reply_ID, Forums_Reply.Topic_ID, 
         Forums_Reply.Author,users.Firstname, users.Lastname, 
         users.Email, users.Signature, users.Active, 
         Forums_Reply.Reply_Message, Forums_Reply.Enable_Sign, 
         Forums_Reply.Enable_EMail, Forums_Reply.Date_Added, 
         Forums_Reply.IsActive FROM Forums_Reply INNER JOIN 
         users ON Forums_Reply.Author =users.User_id 
         Where Topic_ID=" & request("topic") & ""
  set rs1 = cn.Execute(sql)
The previous code was found to be vulnerable if the following 
conditions were met;
    request("mail")="ON" & 
    request("newreply")="Create Reply"  & 

Over 50 cross site scripting vulnerabilities were discovered throughout
the application. These were either the use of direct output of user
input such as;


or user input displayed using response.write

	response.write "details has been sent to "&request("getemail")

== Solutions =
CodeScan Labs has been in contact with the vendor and a new version
of the software has been released to address a number of the discovered

Users are advised to upgrade to the latest version from 
== Credit =
Discovered and advised to the vendor by CodeScan Labs

== About CodeScan Labs Ltd =
CodeScan Labs is specialist security research and development
organisation, that has developed the cornerstone application, CodeScan.
CodeScan Labs helps organisations secure their web services through the
automated scanning of the web application source code for security
vulnerabilities.  The CodeScan product is currently available for ASP
and PHP(Beta)

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