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Papoo vulns
Vulnerabilities in Papoo
Vulnerabilities in Papoo

 k  k         kkkk kk   kkkk  k  k  kkkkkk kkkkkk    kkkk   k    k   k   k  k
 k k         k   k  k  k   k  k k     kk   k     k  k    k  kk   k   k   k k
 kk   <><>   kkkkk  k  kkkkk  kk      kk   kkkkkk   k    k  k k  k   k   kk
 k k         k      k  k      k k     kk   k   k    k    k  k  k k   k   k k
 k  k         kkkk  kk  kkkk  k  k    kk   k    k    kkkk   k   kk   k   k  k

]=- Vulnerabilities in Papoo

 Author   : Rusydi Hasan M
 a.k.a    : cR45H3R
 Date     : April,13th 2006
 Location : Indonesia, Cilacap

]=- Software description

 Authors: Carsten Euwens
URL : http://www.papoo.de 
 Version: 2.1.5

]=- The bug

 XSS a.k.a [C]ross [S]ite [S]cripting

]=- P0C


  E[x]ample :'whumpa%20whumpa')%3C/script%3E 

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]=- Vendor

 Mbrrppp, Kaboomm.U dunno pay me right?? LOLZ
 XSS = just a low risk.Relax, OK?? :P

]=- Shoutz

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