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Geeklog 1.5 - Pre-Installation Vulnerabilities
Geeklog 1.5 - Pre-Installation Vulnerabilities
Geeklog 1.5 - Pre-Installation Vulnerabilities

Geeklog - Pre-Installation Vulnerabilities

Version Affected: 1.5.2sr4 (18th April 2009) (newest)

Info: See website for more details.

Opinion: The system seems to be more secure than most web application systems on the Internet these days.

Credits: InterN0T

External Links:

-:: The Advisory ::-

Vulnerable Function / ID Calls:
dbconfig_path, contains multiple bugs that can be used to perform: XSS, RFI and Path Disclosure.

Cross Site Scripting: 

Path Disclosure:

Remote File Inclusion:

-:: Solution ::-
I didn't bother to find one, sorry.


Disclosure Information:
- Vulnerabilities found and confirmed between 1st and 3rd June 2009.
- Published at InterN0T the 3rd June 2009.
- Bugtraq contacted the 3rd June 2009.

All of the best,

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