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eoCMS SQL injection vulnerability - Bkis Report
eoCMS SQL injection vulnerability - Bkis Report
eoCMS SQL injection vulnerability - Bkis Report

eoCMS SQL injection vulnerability

1. General information

eoCMS is an open source code software which is used to develop Internet 
forum (http://eocms.com/). On October 15, 2009, Bkis Security detected a 
SQL injection vulnerability in some functions of eoCMS.

This is a critical vulnerability which allows hacker to access the data 
in the database and execute unauthorized tasks. Bkis has informed the 
software developer team, and they have patched the vulnerability in the 
latest software version - eoCMS 0.9.02.

Details : http://blog.bkis.com/?p=800 
SVRT Advisory: Bkis-12-2009
Initial vendor notification : 11/25/09
Release Date: 11/05/09
Update Date: 11/05/09
Discovered by: Bkis
Attack Type: SQL Injection
Security Rating: Critical
Affected Software: eCMS (version <= 0.9.01)

2. Technical Description

SQL Injection occurs due to the software on Server can not strictly 
control the validity of variables transmitted from client before sending 
a query to the database. Hacker is able to take advantage of this 
vulnerability to insert malicious SQL code and then can manipulate all 
the data in the database.

SQL Injection vulnerability is found in the page divide function of 
viewboard and viewtopic module. Though eoCMS is integrated with error 
control technology (including SQL Injection), this technology fails to 
thoroughly handle the errors. Thus, hacker is able to take advantage of 
the found vulnerability to gain any information from the database, 
including administrator's data.

3. Solution

Rating this as a critical vulnerability, Bkis recommends all 
organizations and individuals using eoCMS immediately update the latest 
software version.

Bkis Internet Security (www.bkis.vn) 

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