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CMS SiteLogic new vulns
New vulnerabilities in CMS SiteLogic
New vulnerabilities in CMS SiteLogic

On 26 April 2010 16:16, MustLive  wrote: 
> It's not a problem for serious hackers. Even those commands which allowed on
> average server are enough for many things ;-).

So what? Also a SQL Injection vulnerability may be used to write a
file on the system to execute commands, but it isn't a remote commands
execution vulnerability. The your is not a command execution
vulnerability because there aren't injection on a command execution's
function, such as system(). If you can upload a file not allowed by
the vulnerable script, you can than upload a malicious file that can
be used to execute commands or other operations on the target server,
but it isn't a direct command execution vulnerability, understand? The
my is only a clarification.

Salvatore Fresta aka Drosophila

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