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IBM WebSphere Portal & Lotus WCM XSS
Hacktics Advisory Feb10: XSS in IBM WebSphere Portal & Lotus WCM
Hacktics Advisory Feb10: XSS in IBM WebSphere Portal & Lotus WCM

Hacktics Research Group Security Advisory 

By Oren Hafif, Hacktics.

==========I. Overview
==========During a penetration test performed by Hacktics' experts, certain
vulnerabilities were identified in an IBM Websphere Portal Server and Lotus
Web Content Management deployment. Further research has identified that the
login page of the IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management is vulnerable
to Reflected Cross Site Scripting attacks.

A friendly formatted version of this advisory is available in:

==============II. The Finding
==============An attacker can inject script into a URL pointing at the vulnerable page,
and attack system users by sending it to them. Users, who follow the link,
will be attacked with the injected script.

===========III. Details
===========The login page takes the query string from the request URL and embeds it
into the HTML response as the value of a form field named success. The
attack is done by escaping the field (">), followed by the relevant script,
as seen in the following URL:

============================V. Vendor's Response/Solution
============================IBM has released a patch for this vulnerability, as well as a proposed
workaround. For additional details please refer to:

===================VI. Affected Systems
===================WebSphere Portal, Lotus Web Content Management and Workspace Web Content
Management versions:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Lotus Quickr services for WebSphere Portal versions:
   8.0,, 8.1, 8.1.1,

==========VII. Credit
==========The vulnerability was discovered by Oren Hafif of Hacktics Ltd.

Ofer Maor
CTO, Hacktics
Chairman, OWASP Israel

Web: www.hacktics.com 

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