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Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 Multiple XSS vulnerabilities
Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001

--[ Security Advisory

--[ Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

--[ Author: Ory Segal , Sanctum inc. http://www.SanctumInc.com 
--[ Release Date: April 5th. 2004
--[ Product: Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001
--[ Severity: High
--[ CVE: CAN-2004-0379

--[ Description

 From Microsoft's web site: "Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
provides an easy way to create Web portals with integrated document
management services and search capabilities. You can establish a
central point of access to all your existing key business information
and applications, as well as share information across file servers,
databases, public folders, Internet sites, and SharePoint
Team Services-based Web sites."

Sanctum inc. has discovered several Cross Site Scripting
vulnerabilities in three scripts, which are a part of Microsoft
SharePoint Portal server 2001.

These vulnerabilities may lead to theft of cookies associated with the
domain, or execution of client-side scripts in the user's browser.

--[ Solution

Microsoft has addressed these XSS issues in Service Pack 3 of
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, which can be downloaded at:
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=15677A92- 3470-465F-9F63-E621094103E0&displaylang=en

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