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LocalHacking vs. NetHacking by GrampaElite

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                 - Internet Hacking  vs.  Local Hacking -
                    - Writin in 1996 by Grampa Elite -

        Here we go, i will try to as unbiased or whatever as possible because
I know some people prefer nethacking to localhacking or visa versa, so i'll
try to bring out the good and bad points of both areas of hacking.  If you
think i missed something or forgot to add something important let me know.

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        Local hacking apposed to nethacking is considerably easier for 
instance, local systems arent usually that secure and probobly have some 
default accounts with the default passwords still running.  I have gotten 
into many a local system using default login/password's.  Or you can use a  
cn/a to find out there address and go trashing wherever the system is at to
possibly find some valid login's.  Or you can find there voice line and do 
some social engineering which you can also do with systems on the internet.
For instance do some homework on who works there and find out when he leaves
and comes to work at whatever place it is another plus is to find out what 
his voice sounds like, i can do just about anybodys voice except women's.  
Then you call when he's not there and give them some bullshit story, and 
don't try that line that zero cool gave that one guy working at gibson or 
whatever the hell that company was in the movie hackers, because it aint
gunna happen.  
        But before you start breaking into systems you have to find them.  
You can accomplish this by either scanning your whole area code or by doing 
more social engineering and getting the dialup that way.  But before you 
start scanning your whole ac you better find out if you have unlimited 
calling or if it has a limit and after that you pay a certain ammount per 
call.  A way to defeat this is to either get a unlimited calling thing for 
your line, or hack your local switch (which is also local usually)and change 
your line using rc commands or what have you.  Local hacking other than x.25
is what you want if you want to get into companys and shit instead of i-net 
providers.  You can also get to other systems by hacking locally, say you 
hack into some sort of unix and you checkout there /etc/uucp/Systems file if 
they have it and then you can CU to those systems or you can CU to some ld 
bbs, its also good for a diverter which you will need when you hack locally 
because it is alot more risky hacking locally if you dont have alot of 
diverters or bounce it through some ld carriers or pbx's or whatever.  It is 
alot easier for people to trace you or fuck they could be running ani and you 
could get busted or worse. In other words be carefull about what you are 
doing, and who you are doing it to, this applies to all hacking, no matter 
where or when there are some things you just don't do.

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        Internet hacking is fun also because there are tons of systems out
there waiting to be broken into unlike local hacking where if you live in a 
small city there aren't many systems.  Although internet hacking isn't as 
easy as local hacking because some systems have firewalls and have all there
bugs patched there are more ways to break into systems than local 
hacking.  Some people consider irc haxoring to be internet hacking, i don't.
Just because you have a script that you didnt even write that sends you 
people's passwd files or adds your address to there .rhosts file doesnt mean
your a hacker (sorry had to get that out of my system, blah).  Anyways, all
the exploits writin usually are for linux it seems so you are kind of 
restricted to hacking linux unless you can find some way old version of SunOS
or if you find an Ultrix or sumthin stoopit.  There is a program out there to
scan ip's but i havent used it yet so i don't know if its any good or what.
And of course there is the famous iP spoofing, whichis defeated if the system 
you are attacking has a properly setup firewall or a secure router or what 
have you.  Some systems don't have there firewalls correctly installed so 
they have some false sense of security until you break in.  Although i-net 
hacking isn't as risky as local hacking you can be traced no matter what you 
think, you can be traced.  And once they get your info your sunk because you 
were probobly over state lines when they traced you and so they'll call in 
the FBI which is not cool.  

        So make your own decision try both to see which one you like the best 
or the one you think works the most with you, one has more systems and the 
other is easier to hack, one has mostly small systems and the other has 
mostly corporations and businesses.

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