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The IIRG Hackers' Acronym Chart

                          The Hackers Acronym Chart
                      Created for The Hacking Community
              Compiled by:-=>The IIRG<=-   Input by:MERCENARY
 In no way do we feel this chart is totally complete,but we feel its a good
 start for the novice or lazy hacker to quickly look up acronyms. How we
 truly hate logging on to a BBS and seeing,Please answer what the next 300
 acronyms mean!! Boring and a true waste of time.. If any Hackers modify this
 file,feel free but please note you modified it. Also upload any modified
 version to: The Rune Stone BBS,IIRG HQ at 203-485-0088 1200/2400 24hrs.
    ABA       American Bankers Association
    ABU       Application Business Unit
    ACE       American Council on Education
    ACMS      Application Control Management System
    ACS       Application Control Services
    ACT       Application Center for Technology
    AD        Authorized Dealers
    ADD       Authorized Digital Dealers
    ADG       Authorized Distributor Group
    ADU       APp´ication Definition Utility
    AEA       American Electronics Association
    AI        Artificial Intelligence
    AIA       Application Integration Architecture
    AICPA     American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    AITRC     Applied Information Technologies Research Center
    AMC       Area Management Center
    AMM       Area Manufacturing Manager
    ANN       Announcement Date
    ANSI      American National Standards Institute
    AOM       Area Operations Manager  
    AOV       Average Order Value
    APL       A Programming Language
    APPIX     Automated Part and Product Information Exchange
    AQS       Automatic Quote System
    ARB       Application Review Board
    ARM       Area Revenue Manager
    ASC       Average System Cost or Average System Content
    ASCII     American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    ASD       Advanced Semiconductor Development
    A&SG      Accessories and Supplies Group
    ASMP      Asymmetrical Multi-Processing
    ASV       Average System Value
    ATM       Automatic Teller Machine
    ATP       Available to Promise
    ATSE      Application Timesharing Software Engineering
    ATD       Authorized Terminal Distributor
    AT&T      American Telephone and Telegraph Company
    AVT       Architecture Verification Test
    BAI       Bank Administration Institute
    BASIC     Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
    BBA       Budget By Account
    BBU       Battery Back-Up
    BCG       Business Center Group
    BI        Backplane Interconnect or Beginning Inventory
    BIM       Basic Industry Marketing
    BIOS      Basic Input Output System
    BIT       Binary Digit
    BJS       Bureau of Justice Statistics
    B/L       Backlog
    BMC       Basic Monthly Charge
    BOA       Bill of Aggregation or Blanket Order Agreement
    BOD       Board of Directors (Budget)
    BOIS      Business Office Information Systems
    BOM       Bill of Materials
    BOO       Bill of Organization
    BOS       Business and Office Systems
    BOSE      Business and Office Systems Engineering
    BPI       Bits per Inch
    BPM       Business Planning Manager or Base Product Marketing
    BPN       Comstar Business Plan
    BPS       Bits Per Second
    CAD       Computer Aided Design
    CAEM      Computer Aided Engineering and Manufacturing
    CAM       Computer Aided Manufacturing
    CAS       Customer Administrative Services
    CASE      Computer Aided Software Engineering
    CAT       Computer-aided Test
    CBC       Cipher Block Chaining
    CBS       Common Bom System
    CBI       Computer-based Instruction
    CC        Cost Center, Carbon Copy or courtesy copy
    CCD       Customer Configuration Document
    CCEP      Commercial Communications Endorsement Program
    CCITT     Committee Consultif Internationale Telegraphie
              et Telephonie
    CCOO      Comprehensive Cost of Ownership
    CCT       Cumulative Cycle Time
    CD        Compact Disk
    CDA       Compound Document Architecture
    CDD       Common Data Dictionary
    CDR       Compact Disk Reader
    CERT      Certified Order
    CFB       Cipher Feedback
    CFO       Chief Financial Officer
    CHIPS     Clearing House Interbank Payments System
    CI        Cluster Interconnect or Computer Interconnect
    CIA       Central Intelligence Angency
    CIM       Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    CIMT      Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Technology
    CIR       Computer Intergrated Research
    CIS       Commercial Instruction Set
    CISC      Complex Instruction Set Computing
    C&ISM     Consultant and Information Systems Marketing Group
    CIT       Computer Integrated Telephony
    CLP       Country List Price
    CMAS      Central Massachusetts Administrative Services
    CMC       Carry-in Monthly Charge
    CMOS      Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor(Silicon)
    CMP       Cooperative Marketing Program or Partner
    COBOL     Common Business Oriented Language
    COC       Corporate Operations Committee
    COD       Career Opportunity Days
    COEM      Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
    COMSEC    Communications Security
    COMSTAR   Common System for Technical Analysis & Reporting
    COPIS     Corporate Planning Information System
    CPO       Corporate Product Operations
    CPP       Corporate Planning Process
    CPS       Characters Per Second
    CPSR      Computer Profressionals for Social Responsibility
    CP/M      Control Program Master
    CPU       Central Processing Unit
    CRC       Customer Return Center
    CRG       Central Resource Group
    CRT       Cathode Ray Tube
    CSC       Customer Support Center
    CSG       Corporate Systems Group
    CSO       Complimentary Solutions Organization
    CSM       Computer Systems Manufacturing
    CSS       Computer Special Systems
    CSSE      Computer Services System Engine
    CSSG      Customer Service Solutions Group
    CSU       Channel Service Unit
    CTS       Configuration Technical Specialists
    DAG       Defense Agencies Group
    DAMP      Demand Analysis Manufacturing Planning
    DAP       Document Application Profile
    DAS       Device Access Software
    DASP      Digital Assisted Services Program
    DAT       Digital Audio Tape
    DBA       Digital Business Architecture
    DBC       Digital Business Center
    DBMS      Data Base Management System
    DBOD      Distribution Board of Directors
    DCA       Defense Communications Agency
    DCC       Digital Customer Center
    DCL       Digital Command Language
    DCP       Demand for Critical Parts
    DCSS      Digital Customized Support Services
    DCTN      Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
    DCU       Digital Credit Union
    DDH       Digital Distributed Hardware
    DDIF      Digital Document Interchange Format
    DDS       Digital Distributed Software
    DEC       Digital Equipment Corporation
    DECdtm    Digital Distributed Transaction Manager
    DECnms    Digital Network Measurement System
    DECtp     Digital Transaction Processing
    DECUS     Digital Equipment Corporation User's Society
    DES       Data Encryption Standard
    DFA       Design for Assembly
    DFP       District Focus Person
    DFM       Design for Manufacturing
    DFT       Design for Test
    DIAL      Digital Idle Asset Listing
    DIBOL     Digital Business Oriented Language
    DIM       Demand Integration Meeting
    DIMA      Data Information Management Architecture
    DINS      Digital Information Network Service
    DIS       Digital Information Systems or Defense Investigative
    DISER     Digital Information Systems External Resources
    DL        Direct Labor
    DLN       Digital Library Network
    DMA       Direct Memory Access
    DMCL      Digital Modem Command Language
    DME       Digital Management Education
    DMM       District Manufacturing Manager
    DMS       Data Management Services
    DMSS      Distribution, Marketing, Sales and Service
    DMT       Design Maturity Test
    DNA       Digital Named Accounts or Digital Network Architecture
    DOD       Department of Defense (Gov't)
    DOM       District Operations Manager
    DOS       Disk Operating System
    DPI       Dots Per Inch
    DPP       District Partner Program
    DQT       Design Quality Test
    DRAM      Dynamic Random Access Memory
    DRC       Data Resource Center
    DRP       Distribution Resource Planning
    DSA       Digital Storage Architecture or Decimal Shift and Add
    DSIN      Digital Software Information
    DSLA      Digital Software Licensing Architecture
    DSM       Distributed Systems Manufacturing
    DSMC      Digital Service Monthly Charge
    DSN       Digital Services Network
    DSTAR     Digital System Technical Architecture Research
    DSO       Days Sales Outstanding
    DSM       Distributed Systems Manufacturing or District
              Sales Manager or Digital Standard MUMPS
    DSRI      Digital Standard Relational Interface
    DSSI      Digital Small Storage Interconnect
    DSU       Data Service Unit
    DTE       Data Terminal Equipment
    DTIF      Digital Tabular Interchange Format
    DTN       Digital Telephone Network
    DTS       Digital Termination System
    DVN       Digital Video Network
    DVT       Design Verification Test
    DWCI      DecWindows Compiler Interface
    EAP       Employee Assistance Program
    EAR       Export Administration Regulations
    EBDI      Electronic Business Data Interchange
    ECAD      Engineering Computer Aided Design
    ECC       Error Correction Code
    ECL       Error Code Logging
    ECO       Engineering Change Order
    EDC       Error Detection Code or Error Detection and
              Correction or Engineering Data Center
    EDI       Electronic Document Interchange or Electronic Data Interchange
    EDP       Electronic Data Processing
    EDRS      Engineering Data Resources Services
    EDU       Education Computer Systems
    EFF       Electronic Frontier Foundation
    EFT       Electronic Fund Transfer
    EI        Ending Inventory
    EIA       Electronic Industries Association
    EIS       Enterprise Integration Services
    ELF       Employee Locator Facility
    EMA       Enterprise Management Architecture
    ENET      Ethernet
    ENG       Engineering
    EOL       End Of Life
    EPG       External Products Group
    EPLS      Engineering Price List System
    EPP       Executive Partner Program
    EPROM     Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
    ESB       Entry Systems Business
    ESD       Electronic Systems Development
    ESDI      Enhanced Small Device Interface
    ESDP      Educational Services Development and Publshing
    ESG       Engineering Systems Group
    ESO       Engineering Support Operations
    ESVN      Executive Secure Voice Network
    ET&Q      Engineering, Technology and Quality
    EUSR      End User
    EXCOM     Executive Committee
    F & A     Finance and Accounting or Finance and Administration
    FA&T      Final Assembly and Test
    FABS      Financial and Administration Business Systems
    FBI       Federal Bureau of Investigations
    FBOD      Finance Board of Directors
    FCC       Federal Communications Commission
    FCO       Field Change Order                     
    FCS       First Customer Ship
    FCST      Forecast
    FDDI      Fiber Distributed Data Interface
    F/G       Finished Goods
    4GL       Fourth Generation Language
    FIFO      First In First Out
    FIMG      Finance Industry Marketing Group
    FIPS      Federal Information Processing Standard
    FISG      Financial Industries Systems Group
    FMAP      Field Manufacturing Automated Process
    FMC       Financial Management Center
    FMIC      Field Manufacturing Information Center
    FMMC      Field Manufacturing Management Committee
    FMP       Field Manufacturing Plan
    FOA       Fiber Optic Adapter
    FOMC      Field Operations Management Committee
    FPA       Floating Point Adapter
    FPP       Floating Point Processor
    FRS       First Revenue Ship
    FRU       Field Replaceable Unit
    FS        Field Service
    FSG       Financial Systems Group 
    FSL       Field Service Logistics
    FT        Field Test
    FTS       Federal Telecommunications service
    FVC       First Volume Commit
    FY        Fiscal Year
    GAO       Government Accounting Office
    GB        Gigabyte
    GIA       General International Area
    GIPS      Giga Instructions Per Second
    GKS       Graphics Kernal System
    GOVT      Government
    GMG       Government Manufacturing Group
    GPX       Graphics Processor Accelerator
    GSA       General Services Administration
    GSB       General Systems Business
    GSIM      General Services Industry Marketing Group
    GSG       Government Systems Group
    HBO       Home Box Office
    HCIG      Health Care Industry Group
    HDA       Head Disk Assembly
    HDSC      High-density Signal Carrier
    HPS       Hardware Product Services
    HPS       High Performance Systems
    HQ        Headquarters
    HSC       Hierarchical Storage Controller
    HVM       High Volume Manufacturing
    HW        Hardware
    I/O       Input output
    IC        Integrated Circuit
    ICST      Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology
    IDECUS    Internal Digital Equipment Corporation User's Society
    IED       International Engineering Development
    IEEE      Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
    IEG       Internal Equipment Group
    IIRG      International Information Retreival Guild
    IL        Indirect Labor
    IMM       Idle Material Management
    IMS       Integrated Management Systems
    IM&T      Information and Technology Management
    INV       Inventory
    IO        Independent Option or Input/Output
    IOP       Input Output Processor
    IPDP      Industrial Peripheral Data Processing
    IPG       Image Processing Group
    IPMO      Industry Program Management Office
    IPS       Inches Per Second
    IPSG      Internal Product Strategies Group
    IPT       Inventory Program Team
    IRR       Internal Rate of Return
    IS        Information Systems
    ISBS      Information Systems Business Segment
    ISDN      Integrated Services Digital Network
    ISM       Installed Systems Marketing
    ISO       International Standards Organization
    ISPS      Information System Production Systems
    ISS       Initial System Sale or Internal Special Systems
    ISSA      Information Systems Security Association
    ISWS      Internal Software Services
    ITAP      Information and Technology Architecture Plan
    ITAR      International Traffic in Arms Regulation
    IVIS      Interactive Video Interface System
    JEC       Job Evaluation Classification
    JIT       Just In Time
    KB        Kilobyte
    KPL       Kit Parts List
    KSR       Keyboard Send Receive
    LAN       Local Area Network
    LAST      Local Area System Transport
    LAT       Local Area Transport
    LAVC      Local Area Vax Cluster
    LDM       Limited Distance Modem
    LDP       Laboratory Data Products
    LEBC      Low End Business Center
    LEGSS     Low End Graphics Sub-System
    LED       Light Emitting Diode
    LEDS      Low End Disk Systems
    LEN       Low End Networks
    LEST      Low End Systems and Technologies
    LIFO      Last In First Out
    LMF       License Management Facility or Low Magnetic Field
    LMI       Local Memory Interconnect
    LPM       Lines Per Minute
    LRP       Long Range Plan
    LSE       Language Sensitive Editor
    LSI       Large Scale Integration
    MAC       Macintosh Computer or Message Authentication
    MAN       Metropolitan Area Network
    MARCOM    Marketing Communications
    MAP       Manufacturing Automation Protocol
    MASS      Mid-Atlantic and Southern States
    MATAC     Material Acquisition
    MB        Megabyte
    MBOD      Manufacturing Board of Directors
    MBPS      Mega-Bits Per Second
    MBU       Manufacturing Business Unit
    MCAM      Manufacturing Corporate Account Manager
    MCESS     Mechanical Component Engineering Support Service
    MCS       Multinational Character Set
    MCT       Manufacturing Cycle Time
    MCU       Multi Chip Unit
    MDDS      Media and Documentation Update Service
    ME        Mechanical Engineering
    MEM       Manufacturing Engineering and Marketing
    MFG       Manufacturing
    MFLOPS    Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second
    MHZ       Mega-Hertz
    MIC       Management Information Center
    MIDAS     Master Integrated Distribution Subcontracting Agreement
    MIF       Master Item File
    MIMG      Media Industry Marketing Group
    MIPS      Millions of Instructions Per Second
    MIR       Material Increase Request
    MIS       Management Information Systems
    MISG      Market Information Services Group
    MIT       Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy
    MLDS      Medium Large Disk Systems
    MLP       Maynard List Price
    MLPC      Model Level planning Committee
    MOF       Master Order Form
    MOS       Metal Oxide Semiconductor or Material Order System
    MP        Multi-Processor                
    MPME      Manufacturing Process and Material Engineering
    MPS       Master Production Schedule
    MPSC      Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems
    MRC       Manufacturing Resource Center or Management Response Center or
              Market Research Center
    MTBSI     Mean Time Between System Interruptions
    MTS       Message Transport Service
    MRP       Manufacturing Resource Planning
    MS        Milli-Seconds
    MSCP      Mass Storage Control Protocol
    MSB       Mid-Range Systems Business
    MSD       Micro Systems Development
    MSPM      Manufacturing System Program Manager
    MSSC      Marketing Sales Strategy Committee
    MTBF      Mean Time Between Failures
    MTTR      Mean Time to Repair
    MUX       Multiplexer
    MVB       MicroVax Business
    NAC       Networks and Communications
    NACM      Networks and Communications Marketing
    NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    NASM      Named Account Sales Manager
    NAS       Network Application Support
    NBS       National Bureau of Standards
    NCS       Network Control Program
    NCSC      National Computer Security Center
    NDIS      Network Device Interface Specification
    NDU       Network Device Utility
    NEAS      Northeast Atlantic States
    NES       Net Equipment Sales
    NFT       Network File Transfer
    NHAS      New Hampshire Administrative Services
    NI        Network Interconnect
    NJE       Network Job Entry
    NMI       Nautilus Memory Interconnect
    NOR       Net Operating Revenue
    NPIP      New Product Integration Process
    NPO       New Product Operations
    NPSU      New Product Start Up
    NRCS      National Replacement Character Set
    NS        Nano-Seconds
    NSA       National Security Agency
    NSC       National Security Council
    NSDD      National Security Decision Directive
    NSF       National Science Foundation
    NTIA      National Telecommunications and Information Administration
    NTISSC    National Telecommunications and Information Systems
              Steering Committee
    NWSS      Networks & Site Services
    OA        Order Administration or Office Automation
    OBU       Option Business Unit
    OCRC      Option Change Review Committee
    ODA       Office Document Architecture
    ODI       Open Data Interface
    OEM       Original Equipment Manufacturer
    OIP       Opportunity Investment Planning
    OIS       Office and Information Systems
    OLTP      On-Line Transaction Processing
    OMC       Office of Munitions Control
    OOD       Office of Development (Central Engineering)
    OP        Option
    OPAL      On-line Presentation Access Library
    OPOM      Organizational Program Office Manager
    OPS       Operations
    O/S       Operating System
    OSF       Open Software Foundation
    OSI       Open System Interconnection
    OSP       Office of Sales Programs
    OTA       Office of Technology Assessment
    OTD       Off the Dock
    OTP       Order Transaction Processing
    OTS       Off The Shelf
    PAC       Pricing and Announcement Committee
    PASI      Production, Availability, Shipments, Inventory
    PBM       Product Business Manager
    PBT       Profit Before Tax
    PBU       Product Business Unit
    PBX       Product Branch Exchange
    PC        Personal Computer or Production Control
    PCB       Printed Circuit Board
    PCM       Plug Compatible Manufacturer or Profit Contribution
              Margin or Product Capacity Manager
    PCSA      Personal Computing System Architecture
    PCSG      Personal Computing Systems Group
    PDP       Peripheral Data Processing
    PEP       Performance Enhancement Package or Personal Enrichment
    PI        Physical Inventory
    PID       Proprietary Information Disclosure
    PIN       Personal Identification Number
    P&L       Profit and Loss
    PMG       Product Marketing Group
    PMI       Private Memory Interconnect
    PMT       Planning Methodology Team
    PO        Purchase Order
    POM       Point of Manufacturing
    PPD       Product Phase Down
    PP&E      Production, Planning, and Execution
    PPL       Periodic Payment License
    PPM       Pages Per Minute
    PPSU      Personal Printer Spooling Utility
    PROM      Programmable Read Only Memory
    PSG       Peripheral and Supplies Group or Product Shipping Guide
    PSS       Professional Software Services
    PSU       Portable Storage Unit
    PTG       Physical Technology Group
    QBOD      Quality Board of Directors
    QC        Quality Control
    QDSS      Q-Bus Dragon Sub-System
    QSS       Quality Solution Systems
    QVSS      Q-Bus Viper Sub-System
    RAM       Random Access Memory
    RAMP      Reliability, Availability, Maintainability Program
    RBG       Realtime Business Group
    RC        Reduced Cost
    RDB       Relational Database
    REV       Revenue or Revision
    RFI       Radio Frequency Interference or Request for Information
    RFP       Request for Proposal
    RISC      Reduced Instruction Set Computer
    RISD      Reference Information Systems Development
    RJE       Remote Job Entry
    RO        Read Only
    ROA       Return On Assets
    ROI       Return On Investment
    ROM       Read Only Memory
    RPM       Reduced Parts menu
    RPM       Revolution Per Minute or Rotations Per Minute
    RQT       Reliability Quality Test
    RSA       Reference System Architecture
    RSE       Removable Storage Elements
    RSL       Remote Ship List
    RSTS/E    Resource Sharing Time Sharing/Extended
    RSVP      Rdb Solutions Vendor Program
    RT        Real Time
    RTA       Real-Time Accelerator
    RTBG      Real Time Business Group
    RTE       Remote Terminal Emulation
    SA        Storage Array
    SABB      Storage Array Building Block
    SASE      System and Support Engineering
    SBA       Shipping and Billing Authorization
    SBB       System Building Block
    SBC       Single Board Computer
    SBI       Storage Bus Interconnect
    SBR       Storage Business Review
    SBT       Software Business Technologies
    SCA       Strategic Capital Acquisitions
    SCIT      Semi-Conductor and Interconnect Technologies
    SCO       Semiconductor Operations
    S-Box     Skunk Box
    SCMP      System Cooperative Marketing Program
    SCSI      Small Computer Storage Interface
    SDA       Software Design Automation
    SDC       Software Distribution Center
    SDI       Standard Disk Interconnect or Standard Drive Interface
    SDNS      Secure Data System Network
    SDS       Sales and Distribution Systems
    SEG       Semiconductor Engineering Organization
    SHIBNI    Shipped But Not Invoiced
    SIA       Semiconductor Industry Association
    SIG       Special Interest Group
    SIM       Service Industry Marketing
    SLA       Service Level Agreement
    SLC       Service Level Contract or Software License Configurator
    SLS       Storage Library System
    SMDI      Storage Module Disk Interconnect
    SME       Society of Manufacturing Engineering
    SMP       Symmetrical Multi-Processing
    SMS       Self-maintenance Services
    SMU       Strategic Marketing Unit
    SNA       System Network Architecture
    SNPC      Software New Products Committee
    SO        System Option
    SOC       Systems and Option Catalog
    SOE       Standards of Excellence
    SOP       Sum of the Pieces
    SPG       Software Product Group
    SPI       Self-Paced Instruction
    SPM       Software Performance Montior
    SPP       Ship Plan
    SPS       Software Product Services
    SQL       Structural Query Language
    SQM       Software Quality Mangement
    SRC       System Resource Center
    SRG       Strategic Relations Group
    SRTC      Service Right-to-Copy
    SS        Standard System
    SSB       Software Supply Business
    SSD       Solid State Disk
    SSG       Software Systems Group
    SSS       Software Support Services
    STAR      Systems and Technology Applications Requirements
    STG       Strategic Technologies Group
    SWIFT     Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
    SWM       Semiconductor Worldwide Management
    SWS       Software Services
    SYS       System
    TAN       Telecomm and Networks
    TAP       Trans-Atlantic Project
    TBG       Telecomm Business Group
    TBU       Terminals Business Unit
    TC        Transfer Cost
    T's & C's Terms and Conditions
    TCC       Technical Consulting Center
    TDCC      Transport Data Coordinating Committee
    TDMS      Terminal Data Management System
    TGL       Third Generation Language (3GL)
    TIS       Technical Information Systems
    TLB       TransLAN Bridge
    TMSCP     Tape Mass Storage Control Protocol
    TOEM      Technical Original Equipment Manufacturer
    TOP       Technical Office Protocol or Technology and Organizational
    TOPS      Tapes and Optical Products
    TP        Transaction Processing
    TPC       Transaction Processiong Performance Council
    2PC       Two Phase Commit
    TPI       Tracks Per Inch
    TPL       Traditional Product Line
    TPS       Transactions Per Second
    TQC       Total Quality Control
    TSG       Telecommunications Systems Group
    TSN       Terminal Switching Network
    TSO       Technical Services Organization
    TSP       Technology Strategy and Planning
    TTM       Time to Market
    TUIMG     Telecom/Utilities Industry Marketing Group
    UCS       Uniform Communication Standard
    UOF       Unusual Order Form
    UPC       Utility Port Conditioner
    UPS       Uninterruptible Power System
    USMP      U.S. Manufacturing Planning
    USC       User Steering Committee
    USCIC     U.S. Country Information Center
    USFDC     U.S. Financial Data Center
    USIBC     U.S. Integrated Business Center
    USPL      U.S. Price List
    VAN       Value Added Network
    VAR       Value Added Reseller
    VAX       Virtual Address Extension
    VAXft     VAX Fault Tolerant
    VFP       Vertical Forms Printing
    VFU       Vertical Forms Unit
    VIA       Vax Information Architecture
    VIPS      Video Image Printer Systems
    VLSI      Very Large Scale Integration
    VMS       Virtual Memory System
    VOLM      Volume
    VPA       VAX Performance Advisor
    VRAM      Video Random Access Memory
    VT        Video Terminal
    VTX       Videotex
    VUIT      Visual User Interface Tool
    VUP       Vax Unit of Processsing
    WACS      Western and Central States
    WAN       Wide Area Network
    WATS      Wide Area Telephone Service
    WCU       Water Cooling Unit
    WINS      Warehouse Information Network Standards
    WIP       Work In Process
    WORM      Write Once Read Many
    WPS       Word Processing Software
    WW        Worldwide
    WYSIWYG   What You See Is What You Get
    XCOST     Transfer Cost
    XFMC      Cross Functional Management Committee
    XSV       Transfer Cost System Value
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