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alt.hackers.malicious FAQ 1/3

This FAQ has been majorly rehashed and
split into three parts. Do not be alarmed!
On many other large news group this has
become common place in order to best put
forward the most important info.
The first part (this part) is the most important.
The subsequent parts are more useful
information, but not absolutely required
reading. If you would like to make a point
regarding the FAQ, please email me at
singh@ahm-home.com , or
(remove spamdie to email).

Avleen Vig
alt.hackers.malicious FAQ editor.

The reason the subject for this post is in
CAPS is because it need to be read by
everyone. Please do not use CAPS for all
subject posts!!

If you're new to this Newsgroup, please
take the time to read these before you post.
They will stop you getting flamed and
ridiculed plus help you find what you are
looking for . to do.. a lot faster!!

The FAQ for this NG (Also included below,
not up to date)

A repost of the FAQ for the group.
EVERYONE who hasn't read it recently,
please read!! As always, EMAIL corrections /
additions to singh@shm-home.com . I have
a much better chance of actually seeing it
then!! If I am away, email Vampi Fangs
( vampi(spamdie)@ahm-home.com ).

- Avleen Vig
FAQ Follows, unedited.
alt.hackers.malicious Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ) Revision : 1.00 Date :
            17th October 1999
By Avleen Vig < av@mindless.com>
Third Edition
i. Welcome
1.    All Ideas Are Welcome
2.    Off topic posts
3.    Standard Do's and Don'ts
4.    Anti-Virus Utilities
6.    Useful Information and URL's
7.    Some Frequently Asked Questions
8.    Thanks
(* denotes change since last revision)

i. Welcome
Welcome to the FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) document for:
If you intend to read or post to this
newsgroup then it is advisable for you to
read this carefully. Take special notice of
the policy of the group, particularly regarding
binary (i.e. file attachment) postings and
advertising. The newsgroup is for discussing
most aspects of Hacking and to some extent,
Cracking. This newsgroup is not dedicated
to one country but to anybody who can reach
it. This FAQ will be posted atleast one a
week, at the weekend for all to see. Please
take it into consideration before you make
any postings. From what I am seeing being
posted by newbies to the NG is some what
disturbing. Please note that there is a very
fine line between malicious hacking (using
malicious means to hack something) and
cracking (hacking with intent to destroy). This
newsgroup is for HACKING.. there are many
other groups out there which can help you
with cracking issues but here after a few posts
on cracking, you will only get flamed...
you have been warned....

 1. All Ideas Welcome
If you have any thoughts about the future of
hacking, what can be done, what is needed,
etc. please feel free to post them here.
However, it is courteous to read as many
posts as you can find on what you have to
say first. A good source to look at is
http://www.dejanews.com/. This contains posts
dating pretty far back.. probably further than
the news server you're connecting to. Check it
out!! A good "What if we could.." or "That doesn't
mean we can't.." are almost always looked upon

Subject: Microsoft TCP/IP Stack flaw.
Wouldn't it be great if we could overflow the
MSTCP/IP stack and crash all the Win95
machine on the net with just their IP addresses?
--End Post

Something as simple as that lead to the
concept of WinNuking which did exactly that.
It crashed every Win95 and NT4 machine on
the Net that was hit. This was a major blow for
Microsoft to have to just sit back and watch
every system just go down. Entire corporate
networks were brought to their knees in moments.

 2. Off Topic Posts
The group has no specific policy on this, but
the majority feel that it is acceptable to post
the occasional article not directly related to
Hacking in any way. It is the general feeling
that this helps to make the group what it is, a
more three-dimensional place to be, instead
of being completely full of crackheads looks
for how to be elite crackers while doing crack.
If 'chatty' threads don't become to long, or plain
silly, then they are a welcome addition to the
group. If you are in doubt, you could always
take it to e-mail. Also, if a thread does branch
out, make sure that the subject line always
reflects what is happening, so that those who
don't like these posts can skip them.

 3. Standard Do's and Don'ts
Firstly, there are several good general
guidelines to posting style, (though not content :)
if you are new to the newsgroup or indeed the
net, then please read them.

Line Lengths
Please keep them to about 70 characters. You
don't have to, but it keeps things a bit tidier for
when the lines  are wrapped <s>

Please try to trim any unimportant lines from
a post that you are following up.

Binary and  HTML / RTF Posts
These are _NOT_ appropriate for this NG. It
is a DISCUSSION group only. Please upload
to a website or post to a binary group for this
purpose. Please do not post HTML / RTF posts.
Not ALL news readers can decode these. Plain
Text only please! There's something to be said
for ASCII art!

Me-Too Posts
Consisting entirely of agreement with a previous
post without adding further information or
argument are discouraged.

Posts consisting mostly or entirely of capitals
generally make you look silly, and are frowned
upon, and besides, there's no need to SHOUT.
It shows little except that you are new and don't
know much.

31337 Lang.
The much disliked and often irritating
"Elite Language" is seriously discouraged.
Posts consisting mostly of this drivel are often
ignored because not many people have the
time to sit here and decipher each word.
If someone asks a question and a reader
is in a position to answer, please check that
someone else hasn't answered it already,
unless there is further information specifically
to be added.

Stupidity will not be tolerated in any way or
form.If you come to this NG asking for help
because someone sent you BO or Netbus
(See the section on Trojans for more info)
and you actually ran the files, THAT is stupidity
and that will only get you flamed. My advice?
Get a DECENT anti-virus scanner (See section
3.5 of this FAQ)

"I need a hacker!"
Well go suck your biggie till you find one.
No-one will help you here. If you have a serious
hacking related issue, ask away. But we will
_NOT_ tell you how to hack Hotmail to crash a
web server. If you want that, go to alt.2600

Please don't over flame in this newsgroup!
If you see 3 or 4 flames or something you think
is lame too, please refrain from adding to the
flames. We don't want this group to become the
next alt.2600! 4 flames to a message is often

4. Anti-Virus Utilities

Virus Scanners are a true necessity in today
networked environment. Amongst AHM
regulars you will find a wide variety of cherished
anti-virus programs. Below I have included
those that I have personally tested. They are in
no particular order and you should be pretty well
protect with all of them. Norton AV (by Symantec)
or Datafellow's will suffice for most users.
Norton is updated every one to two weeks and
can catch almost all virii I've seen. Datafellow's
is updated every day which makes it great for
all you paranoid folks :) It's fantastic, but crappy
looking and fiddley at the best of times.
As a failsafe, I highly recommend you try PC-
Cillin (by Trend). It's very easy to install and
configure and is just as powerful as the above
two. The only down side it that it will slow your
PC more so than the other two during normal
operations, BUT it does have a pretty nifty utility
that protects you while you surf!


This group has not been set up as 'moderated'.
Thus all posts are send directly to news
servers rather than going through an appointed
moderator. Having said that, SPAM, UP
(Unsolicited Posting) or UCP (Unsolicited
Commercial Posting) will not be tolerated in
any manner. Any such posting will be cancelled
by already persons in this group who have
been granted the authority to cancel posts.
If an unauthorised cancelling takes place, the
canceller will be reported to their ISP and we
will request that action is taken against those
responsible. BUT, if you want to advertise a
piece of software you have made, or a good
website you have found / made, and it is relevant
to the group or a certain thread, these are more
than welcome.
To summarise:
- DON'T post Non-Hacking advertising posts
- DON'T post Non-Cracking advertising posts
- Non-Commercial Hacking/Cracking postings
  are allowed
- Non-Profit Hacking/Cracking postings are
- Commercial Posts will be cancelled
- Post cancellers, unless authorised, will be
  reported to their ISP.

 6. Useful Information and URL's

Here are some URL's you may want to be
aware of as a reader of A.H.M..

- Rootshell
An extremely informative "Bulletin Board" style
site, mainly concentrating on UNIX, but should
be on interest to everyone as often post on
other OS's and programs are made. The site
deals with bugs and flaws which are discovered
in commonly used programs and operating
systems which can be exploited maliciously.
This site is updated daily with any new bugs that
are submitted. These bugs are  thoroughly
checked out to make sure they are real and
easily exploitable by the novice hacker/cracker.

- Packet Storm
Another highly popular security site like Rootshell,
but much larger. The site was originally located
on servers at Harvard University but has now
moved on to a separate site. If you're looking
for an exploit, this is the place to go!

- UNIX / Linux Links
            Official AH M website (Under construction)
            Unix guru universe
            OpenBSD -- highly regarded by security
            Debian version of Linux
            Linux home page
            SSC -- publishers of Linux Journal
            Redhat version of Linux
            Caldera Linux server
            FTP site for Caldera Linux Server

 7. Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are all those abbreviations and acronyms?
  BTW - By The Way
  FWIW - For What It's Worth
  IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
  IMO - In My Opinion
  ISTR - I seem to remember/recall
  ISWYM - I See What You Mean
  IYSWIM - If You See What I Mean
  LOL - Laughs Out Loud!
  ROFL - Rolls on Floor Laughing
  TBH - To Be Honest
  TPTB - The Powers That Be
  RTFM - NEVER forget this one ->
                READ THE F**KING MANUAL!!
  ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
                My Ass Off

Q2. What are all these different name of Operating

+Windoze - Microsoft Windows 95 (NOT the best
for hacking).
This "Operating System" is just a shell which runs
on top of DOS. This is NOT a true OS.

+NT - Microsoft Windows NT (A much attacked
OS. Learn it.) WinNT has early roots in VMS (in
fact the original version of NT was written by one
of the former core VMS developers).  NT was
originally written for a MIPS CPU based platform,
not Intel CPUs.

+DOS - MS-DOS, used before windows came out.
Simple, but needed. It STILL forms the base of
Windows 95/98 and Windows 3.xx. Based off
of CP/M. Learn it's commands now. Some are
similar to Linux.

+UNIX - Alternate OS to Windoze mainly used in
server. LEARN NOW! Within Unix there are
several different flavours, such as Solaris, AIX,
Digital Unix (now called Tru64), and many others.
There are several freely available versions: Linux,
FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Unix is used
for many things; the telephone system runs Unix
(nowadays its Solaris - at least for Ameritech and
pacbell). Oh, and UNIX predates that OS from
Redmond by about at least 15 years. Used heavily
in database warehousing, electronic design

+Linux - Free Version of UNIX. Much used for
hacking. The best? There are many Linux
'distributions.' Popular ones include Slackware,
SuSe, Debian and Redhat. Redhat have more of
a Windows look and feel, where as Slackware is
more like UNIX.

+OS/2 - Businessman's friend. Little used or
attacked OS, by IBM. Very stable.  Very useful,
if you have access to others who use it frequently.
Used often in banks.  Has a fairly zealous user

+MacOS - Slugging OS made by Apple that runs
on the Macintosh. The GUI interface was the
second known widely produced one. The first
was by XEROX.

+BeOS - NEW OS designed by the creator of
MacOS. VERY powerful. This OS was mainly
designed for multimedia application

+VMS/OpenVMS - A mini/mainframe OS,
very stable, rock solid. Extremely secure
compared to early versions of Unix.  Has an
almost religious following of users still.
There's a group trying to write a free version,

+Plan 9 - a research OS from Lucent.  Could be
viewed as a next generation version of Unix.
Only available for non-commercial uses

So there ya go!

 8. Thanks!!
Thanks go to 'Vampi', 'Rock', 'Daito', 'Toni',
'ChriS', 'Sycho', 'Locohost' and John Osborne
for their help with the FAQ!!
Note : It is recommended that you view this FAQ
in a fixed-pitch font
The ASCII and HTML AHM FAQ is Copyright
1999, Avleen Vig
< singh@ahm-home.com >
Please e-mail me, or if I am away, Vampi Fangs
( vampi(spamdie)@ahm-home.com , with any
suggestions or amendments, they are gracefully
accepted. Posted weekly to alt.hackers.malicious.


"The idea of of cleaning AHM of retarded lame half witted, fuck witted
lamers is a solid idea."

<@CLaWz{WS}> do not become prey lame one

<@ccitt5> I just have to be a prick sometimes... there's no way around it...

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