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How to break your school security

                                                      How to break your school security                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                                                    Author:tHe mAnIaC                                                                                        
                                               contact me at:dancho@mbox.digsys.bg  
This guide is for educational purposes only I do not take any responsibility about anything
happen after reading the guide. I'm only telling you how to do this not to do it. It's your decision.
If you want to put this text on your Site/FTP/Newgroup or anything else you can do it but don't
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A word from the author:

I hope you like my texts and find them useful.
If you have any problem or some suggestion feel free to e-mail me but please don't send mails like
"I want to hack the US government please help me" or "Tell me how to blind a trojan into a .jpg"
Be sure if I can help you with something I will do it.

In this guide I'll explain you how to hack your school and the things you can do after you're in the
school's computer.This guide is for people who hate their school and want to learn how to hack it.

So you want to hack your school :-) OK now you should do some social engineering.Learn every-
thing you can about the computers in your school.About the teacher working with them,about
their OS (operation system)everything that can be usefull for you.Most of the cases the teacher 
that is working with the computers will put lame password that is easy to gues.Use every moment
when your teacher is writing some password and try to remember it.It's good when you have some
friends with you so everyone will remember a little part of the password and then you'll combine
it to the full one.
Almost every teacher has a favourit student.You should use him to give you some information
about the passwords and other things.You teacher is maybe writing the passwords on paper so
you should find this paper in the room where the computers are.Use the guy that the teacher likes
a lot he or she can give you very useful information.
Another way is to use another teacher.Check if the teacher that is working with the computer is
not there.Find another teacher and tell him or her that you've lost sensitive information and will
get to write it again because you've lost it.Make sure the teacher will believe you and let you do it.
Then tell the teacher that the information is on the school
computer and you should go and take it from there.Then if the teacher let's you in that's good
now search for passwords and other things on the disk.You can see if there's anything interesting
in the "my documents folder" you can find something useful there.You should search for the paper
I told you about with the passwords.If the teacher you came with is still there you can't search
because the teacher will see you,so one of your friends should call the teacher and talk with it
for 5 minutes for that time you should find the paper or other information that can be useful for you.
You must know everything about the teacher that is working with the computers.What he/she likes
what the teacher hate,what he think about the passwords such things.Once again your friend that is
the teacher favourite student will help you for these things.Then you should create a wordlist
with words you think your teacher will put as passwords on the computer.It's better and more usefull
when you know many things about your teacher.Then you should just try the passwords.If you're
good social engineer you'll make very good word list and you'll have the password.
Also learn about what kind of passwords your teacher prefers.Something like:
letters with numbers or something else this is important and will help you a lot.
You teacher should know you as person that don't know anything about the computers so when you
hack their computers and do other things he/she won't think it was you because you don't know
anything about computers.
So now let's suppose you're in and you can do as you want.First of all you must check the disk for
some tests and students marks.If you find any tests copy them and you have the answers to them
hehe you'll be ready.If you find any students marks you can change them to what you want.But
don't write the best mark to the most stupid student because they'll check and see it's not true.

If your school has a Linux OS and you're root create several users with root rights so when you want
to get back just use them.Be sure to remove everythig connected with you from the log files.
But almost EVERY school is using Windows not Linux because the teachers are too lame to use it
they just want to use Windows and nothing else.

I hope now you're in the school computers or you know some of their passwords.

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Happy reading and don't get caughed


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