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Changing Your Grades For Fun And Profit

Changing Your Grades For Fun And Profit
by TAFKA Hackawelsh

I wanted to publish this last year but now that I have verified it
works, I am submitting it.

Let me first say this is in no way hacking, but it is the best way to
change your grades if your schools network is like mine.

Last year I was unhappy with my current academic situation and decided
to take matters into my own hands. Do work, and pull my grades up? No -
change them with the computer . So I decided to do the easiest thing
possible; use keylogger.

I purchased the keykatcher for $100 from thinkgeek.org. You can either
use a hardware or software keylogger, I recommend hardware because if it
is not visible it is completely impossible to detect. If you have to use
a software keylogger, you will need access to the computer as well.

During one of my independant study programs, I was alone in the AV room
with the schools fileserver. I tossed a pencil under the desk, and
installed the keylogger in the back of the machine. The pencil was in
case someone asked what i was doing i could say my pencil rolled under
the desk.

Two days later, I did the same technique to extract the hardware
keylogger, brought it home, and found the necessary passwords to have
administrative access to the machine.

I logged onto the network as an administrator one day after school, and
started snooping around. Luckily the filename containing all the grades
is printed on the report cards . I found the file, and changed what i
thought was unfair. I changed the previous semesters grades, not the
current ones, because teachers would update these and notice they did
not corespond to the grades in their books.

A week later, I went to the office and said my parents wanted all of my
report cards from high school to put in a scrap book. They said i could
pick it up the next day. I did so, and all of my grades were Bs or As!

For this to work and not get caught remember these rules:

1. Do not tell anyone what you have done - that means no charging people
to do this.

2. Do not change your current grades as teachers will notice the grades
dont match when they go to update them.

3. Do not change a lot of Fs to As

4. '\0'

5. Don't just change your grades - duh.

6. Don't change the grades so that someone who might complain later
(aka, only raise the grades)

7. Don't hang around on the server once you have done your deeds (grab
the file, log off, change it, log on, save it, log off, done)

8. Don't do your deeds at a peak time, preferably after school.

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