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Exploiting Create-A-Card

Exploiting Create-A-Card

Just about any Wal-Mart in the country has one of these machines to make
personalized greeting cards. When you're on the main screen you can
touch the bottom right corner of the screen and bring up an
administration menu which asks you for a pin code.

I need your help! If you have any information on Create-A-Card machines
or have seen any articles about them please send them to me. I'll add to
this page as I find out more about them. Here is a letter from 2600 that
someone was nice enough to send me:

"I am writing in response to the letter in Volume 14, Number 4 which
asked about a way to hack the Create-A-Card machines. Their security
depends on the fact that the card program is always in the foreground
and can't be closed from within. It is possible to get control of the
system (usually a pc running Windows 3.1) by having it attempt to print
a card when there is no paper. When Windows sees the error it displays
an annoying message and sends the create-a-card program to the
background. While it is in the background, you can tap the program
manager icon using the touch screen like a regular mouse. I've only done
this once and Windows being what it is crashed before I could do
anything really fun. But this flaw provides potential for many great
pranks, including possibly reconfiguring the create-a-card software.
Have fun and remeber, 'it was like this when I got here.' "

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